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Sep 8, 2009 06:05 AM

The worst service I have ever had - Giovanna Trattoria on College street. Wow.

After strolling for a bit on College, 5 of us ended up at the only place with availability on the patio, Giovanna Trattoria. After ordering, and waiting, I look around and see bread and oil and balsamic on all the tables but ours. I wonder to myself if those are orders placed by patrons, but some of them are still reading menus. So 20 minutes after ordering our meals (2 pizzas, 1 pasta, 1 risotto) I ask for some bread. This clown comes back with a basket of loaf ends, and no oil or vinegar. Its bad enough that we're being avoided, but this loaf end deal was pretty lousy. About 20 minutes later, Im just about ready to cancel the order when the risotto and pasta arrive. The risotto was salt-free and terrible, and the pasta was decent. Another 10 minutes pass and our pizza arrives. Its decent but in no way worth the aggravation or waiting. I should also mention that from about the time we sat down, an older fellow who worked there was screaming, quite audibly, at the staff. Also, there were 3 different people (including Mr. Yelly) manning the pizza oven in the span of 45 minutes.

This is unacceptable, especially for a joint thats 3/4 empty.

Before the 2nd pizza arrives, one of our party gets up and decides he has had enough. He cashes us out, leaves no tip, and we all leave. Our "waiter" runs out after us, asking what went wrong. Waiting an hour for food was enough, and we weren't about to waste any more time, but we explained that in order to earn a tip, you should check on customers at least once during an hour long visit.

This was bar-none the WORST experience I have had at a restaurant.

If you and some folks decide to dine on college and Giovanna Trattoria is the only place with seating, may I recommend eating rocks in a nearby park. It's way more satisfying.

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  1. My partner and I ate there a few Sunday's ago for lunch.
    We did get the olive oil with our bread - but you didn't miss much as the oil tasted about a hundred years old. Not good.
    We had the fried calamari - and the oil used for the frying was also so old - it left a dark brown pool on the plate. Change the oil!
    Pizza was blah....need some seasoning (garlic? salt?) in the sauce.
    Service, contrary to your experience, was very nice.
    There's too many better options to leave our money at - so we won't be back.

    1. Interesting to read this. I've heard good things about this place. I went there for a birthday about 3 years ago and also experienced horrible service. I don't recall much, but remember that everyone's meals were staggered in timing and took at least 10-15 mins before everyone had food (there were 8 of us). Someone's lamb was terribly undercooked, then terribly overcooked when they took it back. Otherwise, food was decent, but not memorable.

      1. We used to go there for lunch years ago when we were feeling solvent - the place is a bit pricey for lunch. Service was never great, but the food was decent. We stopped going for some reason, but tried again a while back. Bad service and bad food. So not worth the price. I remember Mr. Yelly too. :)

        1. i remember stopping by here a few years ago because nothing else was still serving dinner at the time - the staff sitting outside told us they would cook something for us and ushered us in. service was pretty amazing, and they even gave us some free limencello shots - but the food came and it was bland and overpriced.

          great service but the food was so bad there's not a chance i'd go back.

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            AHHHH College Street...just cause yea open the door does not mean good food/service.

            1. re: ribboy

              Turns out the opposite is true. It was the only place with seating on the patio...and now I know why.