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Sep 8, 2009 04:11 AM

large farmer's market va/md/wv/pa

we are from the upper midwest where there are real farmer's markets, e.g. more than 10-15 stalls. can anyone recommend a mega farmer's market with ethnic vegetable seller's? thanks much.

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  1. The Dupont one is pretty big. I don't go there very often but I remember there were a lot of stalls. Takoma has about 20 stalls during the summer. You might want to check out the Eastern Market.

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        as much as I love the Eastern Market, the Saturday farmer's line is somewhat limited. If there's something closer to the OP they would be better off going there.

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            Jacey: I know you were, if you look closely I was responding to msjess

            check the right hand corner of a post for the re:, the way the posts connect are sort of misleading on occasion.

      2. The Saturday market at the Reading Terminal in Philadelphia is really nice, that is PA. I have heard good things about the JFX market in Baltimore.

        I like the Eastern Market, and it is a little larger, but not huge. I need to get to the Arlington market to try it out, but I haven't yet.

        1. ej-what exactly are you looking for? A permanent structure with stalls? A once-weekly local market? Meats? Produce?
          You're asking to cover a VERY large area-are you looking to visit the market once?
          How much do you care about local? organic?
          I think we'll be able to help you more specifically if you you express what exactly it is that you are looking for.

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            And will someone please tell me what ethnic means? Ethnic according to who?

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              this is what I was raised on:

              it is hard for me to believe farmer's markets are larger and so much more diverse than here on the coast

            2. If you want huge: The Green Dragon in PA dutch country.


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                this is exactly what i am looking for, just not 2.5 hrs away. how can a metro area of 8 million not have a huge farmer's market with reasonable prices and a deep selection of ethnic vegetables?

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                  There are many asian and asian/latino markets in the DC areas with huge selections of ethnic vegetables. Around here people go to farmers' markets for seasonal local favorites: Tomatoes, corn, peaches, melons....

                  If you want a durian, go to GrandMart, Lotte, Super H.

                  1. re: ej1155

                    There is nothing that comes close within two hours of DC. The closest I've found would be the PA Dutch type markets like the one above or in Kutztown PA. All in the MD/DC/VA/WV area are smaller (10-20 vendors) and focused on local seasonal produce, meats and dairy. Eastern Market in DC is the biggest and its by no means big. Some local farmers have branched out into more interesting varieties of tomatoes, apples, squash, beans, etc. but nothing too exotic or as extensive as what the Minneapolis market offers. I can rarely find someone selling fresh mushrooms of any kind. And that's hardly exotic. I'm happy if i can just get fresh butter, mozarella and pasta. For Asian vegetables, as someone said, you'll have to go to an Asian supermarket. The Lexington Market in Baltimore has lots of vendors of many ethnicities but I wouldn't go out of my way to go there unless i want a fried fish sandwich or a Polish half smoke. Out 66 at the Middleburg exit is the Green Barn Farmers Market, which is bigger than the ones close in but only slightly above average in terms of what you can get there compared to here.

                    1. re: Ellen

                      The JFX market in baltimore has at least 40 vendors -- probably more. And there's a stand that sells nothing but fresh mushrooms in different varieties. For Asian veggies you do have to go to an Asian market, but that's largely because most of the farmer's markets around here are producer only.

                      1. re: JonParker

                        Yes. I've heard a lot about the market but haven't been. From what another poster said, its still largely confined to local produce and nowhere near the size that the original poster is looking for. You need to go to PA or beyond for that. Its good to know they have mushrooms in Ballmer. What is surprising, however, is that none of the local DC markets do, with the exception of someone who shows up at Takoma Park on occasion. Has anyone else seen any mushroom vendors in the DC area? I go to a lot of the markets and haven't all year.

                        1. re: Ellen

                          the mushroom vendor has a real following, always a long line and a "grill" going selling different sandwiches all out of Mushrooms! along with produce they have meats, creamery, cheese, african, spanish, thai, breads...lots more then just produce!

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                            There's the mushroom lady at Dupont farmers market. Lots of varieties, in my limited experience buying from them. I'm sure I've seen her this year.

                            1. re: Ellen

                              There is a mushroom vendor at the Arlington VA market on Saturdays at Courthouse. I don't go every week but I believe she's a regular fixture. Really yummy mushrooms, too.

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                                The mushroom stand at Dupont, Arlington, and Penn Quarter (among others) is all from the same stand.

                    2. Everyone raves about the market under the JFX in Baltimore, although I haven't been. There is also the Amish market in Shrewsbury, PA, right off I-83.