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Sep 8, 2009 03:57 AM

looking for unpastuerized apple cider

hello, can you please recommend orchards in va/wv/md/pa that sell unpastuerized apple cider? thanks in advance.

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  1. Heyser's Orchard stand at the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Bonifant Road - not far from Cloverly, Maryland, has wonderful unpasteurized, unfiltered cider. I've been buying cider there for many years and it's excellent. Last year I believe a gallon was $5.50. They also sell a wide variety of apples throughout the fall.

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      Came here to post Heyser - it's the only place I've found in the area. Their pies and cookies are also great, and they carry Trickling Springs Creamery dairy products.

      1. re: reiflame

        I actually just swung by Heyser today and they anticipate having cider in the next 2-3 weeks.

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        Some good information in here, but are any of these places located in the Montgomery County, MD area or adjacent counties (Howard and Frederick)? I'm looking to find some good fresh pressed cider to make hard cider with.

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          Heyser is in Silver Spring. I just picked up a gallon tonight (they also have Crispin apples right now).

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            I can usually find Heyser's at Spring Mill bakery in Bethesda too.

      3. Reid's Orchard sells it. They're in PA, but bring their cider to the Waverly and JFX farmer's markets in Baltimore each weekend. They also sell in DC and VA:

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          Reid's Apple Cider is in Towson Thursday on Allegheny Avenue?

        2. You may want to call to confirm, but the Cider Barrell in Germantown (n Frederick Road) used to sell unpasteurized cider. I haven't been in years, but do recall that it was fantastic.

          My parents used to take me on a leisurely drive to buy the cider. As a kid, I was fascinated by the huge barrell which serves as the "storefront." FoiGras

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          1. re: FoiGras

            The Cider Barrel is long gone. Its now a string of townhouses.

            1. re: skipper

              Ouch!!! Goes to show how many, many years ago that I last went to the Cider Barrel. At least I have my childhood memories.
              Thanks for the update. FoiGras

          2. I cannot remember the name of the orchard, but they come to the Howard County
            farmer's market (I go to the one in Columbia on Thursday afternoons) - and bring
            unpasteurized apple cider. There are only 2 vendors selling apple cider, one
            pasteurized, one not, so they'll be easy to find. I'm with you -- unpasteurized is
            MUCH better! I'll scope out their name this Thurs and post it, if someone hasn't

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            1. re: ivysmom

              Also, there is Baugher's apple cider you know the place out in Westminster ( ) their Apple Cider is hand pressed. it is pretty good as well. Though I am more a fan of Reids and it is closer to me since I live outside of Baltimore. Still wondering though if they have the Reids in Towson..anyone??

              1. re: Woof Woof Woof

                There is a farm stand on Old Gunpowder Road in PG County south of Briggs Chaney Road which (at least it used to) carries Baugher's apples and cider.

                1. re: Woof Woof Woof

                  Right - forgot about Baugher's. We had a taste-off between Baugher's cider and Larriland Farms cider, Baugher's won hands down.

                  It is Unger's Orchards who sell unpasteurized cider at the Howard County Farmers Market. But they don't have it yet. They told me they just started picking apples yesterday and don't have a good enough variety for good cider yet.

                  1. re: ivysmom

                    I found Baugher's unpasteurized cider today at Frank's Greenhouse off I-95 & Rt.
                    108 in Elkridge, MD. Forgot that they carry it. (pretty mums too)

                    1. re: ivysmom

                      The Colesville/Cloverly area of Silver Spring has a second unpasturized cider vendor. I have been buying their cider for years and it is very good. They should have some later this week. They also sell apples this time of year. They work out of the garage attached to their house and are on the west side of New Hampshire Avenue in Cloverly across from the Safeway. Hour are afternoons until 6 pm.

              2. Brown's makes the best. It's in Southern York County PA

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                  I just checked Brown's IS PASTEURIZED. Apple-cider loses about 40% of the drinks flavor when these money-hungry "Apple orchards" cook it. I buy it from a stand at Knoebels amusement park fall-festival that presses the apples right in front of you and bottles and sells it at the same time. It is so insanely good it tastes like your drinking someone's soul.