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Sep 8, 2009 12:42 AM

Prime Rib Comparison

Anyone been to the House Of Prime Rib in San Francisco and how does it compare to Lawry's in Beverly Hills or other restaurants that serve Prime Rib?

House Of Prime Rib

Lawry's http:

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  1. The two are like twins separated at birth ... who are now just wearing different clothes.

    Both places even have that silly spinning salad trick.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      If you know Lawry's but are not familiar with HPR in San Francisco, you can check their menu on the Web ( ) to see that ipsedixit's "twins separated at birth" comment hits the nail on the head. BTW, if I'd never heard of either, I'd choose Lawry's based on their much less silly Web site. (See the one in Beverly Hills, for example, with its great picture of a very young and confident Dick Butkus: )

      1. re: ipsedixit

        silly?! We love the spinning salad!

      2. i actually much prefer lawry's though I was expecting more from house of prime rib and I've only been there once

        1. Not a fancy place but GREAT Prime Rib is Stevens in the City of Commerce.

          1. Either will do in a pinch (even the modestly apt HPR, because SF is a beef-starved city), but around these parts the prime rib at the Grill on the Alley ( ) and the Pacific Dining Car ( ) is superior, at least when you order medium-rare. For my money, nothing beats a late-night prime-rib dinner at the PDC after a tough week or season, especially when the evening special pairs prime rib with grilled lobster tail. It's peachy if you order carefully and simply and go often enough to be considered a regular. Otherwise, try the Sunday prime-rib special at the Grill on the Alley, which also has very good drinks and desserts.

            Down a notch but, for me, still above HPR and Lawry's are the Sycamore Inn ( ) in Rancho Cucamonga (great old-fashioned roadhouse feel with decent beef, good sides, B.V. Tapestry by the glass, and Chet Baker on the stereo) and Gulliver's ( ) in Irvine (Yorkshire pudding and creamed corn come with the dinner; good roast duck with lingonberries is an alternative; and turtle sundaes at Stricklands ice cream ( ) are only a couple of miles away for dessert).

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            1. re: Harry Nile

              Not that anyway is asking, but the prime rib at The Palm is terrific. I even prefer it to Lawry's. And I do enjoy Lawry's (hey, was my favorite restaurant when I was 13).

              1. re: Harry Nile

                Strangely, I haven't had the prime rib at the PDC, but I love the prime rib dinner (NB: Sunday only) at the Grill on the Alley. Killer Yorkshire pudding too.

                1. re: Harry Nile

                  We just went to Gulliver's in Irvine a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful. I had their biggest cut (Brobdingnagian) bone-in, medium rare and finished the whole thing. Of course they had to roll me out to the car in a wheelbarrow, and while that was a little embarrassing, it was well worth it.

                  On MacArthur right across from the John Wayne Airport just a half a mile or so south off the 405 Frwy on the east side of the street.


                  1. re: Servorg

                    Hi Servorg,

                    Thanks for the report. :) How would you say Gulliver's ranks with your favorite Prime Rib in So Cal? Thanks.

                    1. re: exilekiss

                      Right up there with Lawry's, which is my favorite. Other places like Grill on the Alley can be very good as well, but I don't tend to eat it at places like that when I go. When I hit Lawry's or Gullivers it's going to be prime rib and only prime rib.

                2. I've been to both and definitely prefer Lawry's. The cuts are a little larger (although HOPB gives you an extra wafer-thin slice if you ask), and the creamed spinach is just better. I can't explain it.