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Sep 8, 2009 12:03 AM

Eats across Lake Ponchartrain?

Coming to New Orleans for Wednesday-Sunday trip. As I remember, the drive across Lake Ponchartrain is pretty neat... although it's been 10 years since I was there.

If we make the trip across, where should we eat when we get there? Open to making the drive for breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on what meal sounds best. We are open to anything, preferably something we can't get here in Chicago.


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  1. Rip's on the Lake
    1917 Lakeshore Dr
    Mandeville, LA 70448-5830
    (985) 727-2829

    great lake and sunset views. many choices on the menu that you may not find in Chicago.

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    1. re: edible complex

      Rips is absolutely horrible. If you want bad food with a great view Friends offers more of what the Northshore is all about. If you want something bad on the Lakefront The Lake House is a better option than Rips.

    2. Been quite a while, but I still have fond memories of driving the causeway to Abita Springs.

      Abita Beer
      Brew Pub Hours:
      Tuesday - Sunday; 11am - 10pm
      (closed on Mondays)

      Abita Beer
      Tasting Room
      166 Barbee Rd.
      Covington, LA

      Visited NOLA 2 years ago but didn't have a car. Next time...

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      1. re: Lydia R

        The brewery tour is great, a must-do if you're fan of that sort of thing. But the food at the brew pub is seriously mediocre unless they've overhauled the place since I was last there about a year ago. Reminiscent of Applebees or that sort of thing, except possibly worse.

        1. re: Lydia R

          The brewery gives a great tour with free beer. The Brew Pub is medicocre at best. If you want to eat lunch or dinner while you're over there touring the brewery, hit Camellia Cafe in Abita Springs.

          1. re: Lydia R

            Yikes. Thanks for the reality check.
            It's probably the dining companion and not the dining that glows in my memory.

          2. La Provence gets my recommendation for cocktails & dinner. Not sure if they're open for lunch, but hours etc should be easy to find on the web. This is my favorite of John Besh's restaurants in terms of overall experience.

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            1. re: maf

              I second La Provence. Really getting back to form. That being said Dakota is the best restaurant on the Northshore hands down. And they are open for lunch.

            2. Dakota is pretty nice and very reliable. Juniper is pretty good too for a nice lunch. If you want to go to go to Manchac try Middendorf's for fried catfish. There is also another place in Laplace on the lake but the name escapes me right now. Hope it helps!

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              1. re: cookbooknola

                are you thinking of the places out at Peavine Rd?
                there's the Crab Trap and Frenier's Landing.