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Dec 13, 2004 01:25 PM

best gnocchi?

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Any suggestions on the best gnocchi in la?

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  1. DEFINITELY at Girasole on Larchmont and Beverly.... OMG, the Spinach Gnocchi in Butter andsage simply melts in your mouth. It is amazing. By far the best.

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      If you don't mind a heart attack afterward, the gnocchi alfredo at Peppone is a little bit out of this world.

      1. re: Joe Rock

        I agree that Girasole has the best(depending on the day of the week)...and this Roman boy(50ish)has been looking for many years...however...they do not compare to those found in Italy...oh how I miss those cloud-like morsels served every Thursday when I was a boy!!...and during visits to the homeland. There is a lightness yet intensity of flavor that Italian nonnas(this was the only dish my grandmother would make served with butter and a simple tomato sauce or brown butter and sage and a light coating of Parmigiano Reggiano...otherwise she used a cook)can only achieve.

        Outside of Los Angeles there are two places the come the closest(I know...belongs on the California and SF boards)...and remember I have been looking for many is in San Francisco at Ristorante Milano and the other is at Sacramento's Biba...both are very very good and IMHO worth a trip...which I make several times a year!!

        1. re: TravelPath

          Ever had those pillowy soft homemade ones with butter and blackberry jam? First, Italian Francesca made the strawberry jam with pasta for dessert, then I tried blackberry jam on the potatoe dumplings. Marionberry the next time (Dickenson's is good). Nice to remember.

          1. re: kc girl

            I can't say I have ever had non-savory gnocchi...but you know what, sauteed with a litte butter and served with dollops of preserves sounds very good right now!!

            1. re: TravelPath

              I'll do this when I have a craving for plum dumplings and no time to make my own potato dough. Though instead of using jam, I'll make a plum sauce which involves simply cooking sliced prune plums with a bit of water and sugar. Serve the sauce over gnocchi which has been sauted with butter and breadcrumbs. Oh, this is so good!

              A couple of times when I've made plum dumplings I've taken the extra dough and formed it into gnocchi - they turned out great!

      2. The Ricotta Gnocchi in Oxtail Ragu at Rocca in Santa Monica is perhaps the most wonderful italian dish I've had all year. It is a primi, so the portion is small, but it's SO rich that with one of their salads, it's just enough...


        1. I think the best gnocchi in LA belong to Divino, on the other side of the cul-de-sac from Peppone's, in Brentwood just south of Sunset on Barrington Avenue. I've taken many Italian friends there and they agree. Divino serves their fluffy little pillows with a choice of four sauces: porcini, pomodoro, gorgonzola or chicken ragu. So many other good things to eat there I don't get them as often as I'd like, but when I do I'm never disappointed.

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            I have them with the spinach sauce. Amazing.

          2. The recommendation of no less an authority than la bella Grubba is La Buca (Melrose, just west of Wilton). Fluffiest, tastiest gnocchi she's ever enjoyed -- & w their light mushroom sauce ... wicked good, really.

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              100% agree.

              Mamma makes the best gnocchi at La Buca.

              All the other pastas are fresh and yummy too.

            2. t
              torta basilica

              Has anyone here had the gnochhi at N9ne in Las Vegas? I wonder how they compare - I thought they were awesome!