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Sep 7, 2009 10:58 PM

Fleming's Prime Burger Bar

Anyone try this yet?

I will be staying in a hotel adjacent to a Fleming's later this month, and would love to know if this is recommended or not. Potentially looks like a good meal at a reasonable price.

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  1. They also have it on their bar menu for $6. It's under the "5 for $6 until 7" list. It's a burger with cheese and bacon and two onion rings for $6 (until 7:00) and the burger is great and the bun is phenominal.

    1. So we had this last night. It was very good. The Prime burger with cheddar and peppered bacon is delicious, but I sorta "bleu" the call by opting for bleu cheese rather than the cheddar. (Despite what the menu said, they gave us a choice of any cheese: swiss, gruyere, cheddar, bleu...can't remember if there were any others.) The bleu somewhat overpowered the beef flavor. I had a bite of my wife's with the cheddar and it was even better than mine. The onion rings were extremely light and cooked to perfection. The small "wedge" was very good, although it came with a spicy thousand island-type dressing rather than the traditional bleu cheese. The service was fantastic, including offering us a basket of herb bread with champagne brie and ginger-infused butter along with our order.

      The fact this burger is only $6 before 7:00 is almost mind blowing.

      (This was at the La Jolla, CA location.)

      ((Thanks Janet.))

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        We just hit up Flemings here in Chicago last night to try this out too. Unfortunately the complimentary mini burgers were there but they only brought out very small trays every 30 minutes or so and you only got to try them if they happen to stop by your table as the bar was packed. We did order the $6 burger off the bar menu though and it was delicious! The bun was soft and the burger was cooked perfectly at medium rare, which is a concern when you order something so inexpensive and during a crowded happy hour. We had the crab cakes as well, which were equally as delicious. We'll definitely be going back!