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Sep 7, 2009 09:49 PM

Where do you go to for INEXPENSIVE, good, tasty fish?

I'm into a " eating healthy" phase and getting into fish. However, the standard $20-35 for good grilled fish isn't working for my budget these days. While I don't expect to find anything for less than $10, I'd appreciate knowing where you can get good, tasty fish west of Hollywood at a reasonable price. Any type of restaurant is ok....sit down, holes in the wall, taco places, take-out or even markets that sell good prepared food to go. My current favorite is grilled salmon at the Fresh Corn Grill in Westwood for $11. Where do you go?

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  1. Happy Hour at Ocean Ave. Seafood...

    1. Why not get yourself to downtown and get yourself a bowl of ceviche at Mo-chica?

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        agreed...they sometimes more then just ceviche and have fish entrees, typically nothing more then $13.

        tasting menu, for 4 course for $25 including 3 fish/seafood dishes

      2. Mariscos Chente--hands down best fish for a small price. Try the pescado zarandeado which is grilled snook fish butterflied open and served with a tangy carmelized onion sauce and corn tortillas. Whole fish to feed 2-3 people is about $20 (they charge by the kilo--$20 per kilo). The shrimp dishes are equally delicious--the raw shrimp ceviche is phenomenal!

        Mariscos Chente
        4532 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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          fwiw, a pz, in my book, feeds 2 people, not three.
          (being the pig that i am, i can finish off a kilo of fish all by myself, so i think sharing with one person is being more than generous)

          1. re: westsidegal

            I usually order another dish as well as the fish and then it's definitely ok to share with 3 people. My bf, his friend, and I shared a pz and aguachiles and we were so stuffed our stomachs ached on the way home! His friend even had nightmares that evening from overeating (or maybe it was the extremely spicy green awesomeness they call salsa that they have there).


            1. re: kushnerom

              sound to me like you are lightweights!! ;-)
              when my hairdresser and i go there, we split a pz and one other dish between the two of us and think that the two dishes are just about right.
              have to admit though, we control the consumption of the chips and never eat rice, so that probably gives us a little more room to work with.

        2. for $35 you can get a grill and cook yourself healthy fish and other stuff whenever you want. It doesn't take as long as its reputation says, and if you remember to oil the grill before you put the fish on, clean-up's easy too.

          1. I go to Malibu Seafood Grill (Redondo Beach), Baja Fish Grill (Harbor City, CA; nice owner... but I think lack of business is hurting him... ), and/or California Fish Grill (Gardena but there are multiple locations, There is a grilled fish place in downtown LA (blanking on the name) that serves decent grilled fish. The line is always long. I'm also thinking the San Pedro Harbor fish market area has some good deals.

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              I'll second Baja Fish Grill. This place is near home for me and It's a bargain. I hate the strip mall that it's in, but I really want this place to do well.

              Mitsuwa, Marukai and 99 Ranch Market also have great little deli's or counters where you can get seafood at a good price.

              I also like to get the campechana from El Puerto Escondido in Inglewood. It's tasty and not expensive.

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                What do you get from Malibu Seafood Gril? The past couple times we've gone, everything has been bland and tasteless, with the exception of the soup, which was delicious.