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Sep 7, 2009 08:48 PM

restaurants with good views

Sorry to ask too many questions folks! :)

1. Has anyone tried the new "Armani Ristorante" by Giorgio Armani?
I tried an Armani cafe in Hong Kong long ago and it was not that impressive.
I wonder what this NY version will be like.

2. Any restaurants/ bars/ lounges/ whatever with good views?
Places I know : Asiate, Hudson Bar, 230 Fifth, rooftop bars at 60 Thompson, Hotel Gansevoort, and Gramercy Park, The View @ Marriott Marquis, Salon de Ning, Rainbow Room, etc.

Thanks! :)

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  1. No need to apologize for asking questions, agaaga. :)

    The Rainbow Room is now closed. The Ciprianis, who were running it, were tossed out, and a new operator has not yet been named.

    The View at the Marriott is a revolving lounge and restaurant, so you get a 360 degree view. I've heard it's o.k. for drinks. I wouldn't go for the food.

    I've not been to Asiate, but those who have say the food's good and the view out towards Central Park is beautiful.

    The Gramercy Park Hotel is about to get a new restaurant. Danny Meyer (the owner of EMP, USC, G.T., The Modern, etc.,) will be opening Maialino, an Italian restaurant, sometime this fall. It will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Afaik, it's at ground level and may possibly look out towards Gramercy Park.

    The Boathouse in Central Park has a gorgeous lake view. And the food is actually very good.

    The River Cafe, across the East River, in Brooklyn, has a spectacular view of the Manhattan Skyline. You can go there for drinks only or have dinner.

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      Oh! The Ciprianis no longer operate the Rainbow Room? Didn't know about that... Thanks for the info RGR! You are my savior! :)

      I can't wait to see the new restaurant at The Gramercy Park Hotel.

      I love the River Cafe too, except I won't have enough time to go to Brooklyn this time.

      Thanks again~~!

      1. re: agaaga

        Nobody is shedding any tears that the Ciprianis are gone. When they began running things several years ago, they turned the Rainbow Room into an event space. Thus, it was no longer open to the public nightly for dining and dancing. That royally ticked people off. I don't mean just tourists. Lots of natives went there for special occasions. The Rainbow Room had become an icon -- the last of that breed. So, though the food wasn't anything to rave about, it was really more about dressing up, and dining and dancing to a live band. And, of course, there is the view. Hopefully, whoever takes it over will again open it to the public and even serve excellent cuisine.

    2. The cafe at the 79th St boat basin has a great view of the Hudson River. We've been there for lunch a few times and the food has always been good.

      I can't remember the "official" name of the place.

      1. FYI, Asiate has a $45 dinner prix-fixe, which it calls the "Taste of Summer". And end of Sept, it'll be changed and called "Taste of Autumn" (obviously). I've never been, but I heard the view is pretty awesome up on the 30+ floor overlooking Central Park.