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Sep 7, 2009 08:41 PM

Knife Sharpening Services in Northern Burbs??

This has probably been covered before, but I'm new to the CHOW and didn't see anything recent on the boards. Anyhow, I know everyone raves about Northwestern Cutlery on Lake Street in the city, but what if you're stuck up north in the suburbs? Anyone have any recommendations/good experiences up north?

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  1. This is who a friend uses - he has a restaurant - and they come to his door.

    Maestranzi Sharp Knife Services
    4715 N Ronald St
    Harwood Heights, IL 60706-3815
    (708) 867-7323‎

    1. There used to be a guy who set up in a park across street from my house in Evanston. Unfortunately, I never knew when he was coming and have no idea how to reach him and it only worked for me if I noticed him there and wasn't at work that day.

      Maybe someone else knows. He probably sets up all over the North Shore.

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        Three weeks ago there was a guy set up at the Skokie Farmer's market on Saturday. Can't attest to the job he does since I did not have him sharpen any knives but he was busy.

      2. Tony lives in Oak Park, but travels all throughout the Chicago land area. He has a van and loads his cart into it, drives to different neighborhoods and pedals around sharpening knives, scissors, garden tools-even my lawn mower blades! Only problem is, you never know when he's coming. He comes to my Evanston block every summer. I just hear his bell and start gathering blades!

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            That's him! I remember when his van & cart were stolen and how sad we were. He had another cart made which cost him $4000, then earlier this year someone called him and said they had his cart and does he want to buy it. I think he had to pay $1000 to get it back! Now he has 2!

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              I really need to get my knives sharpened...wish I knew when this guy would be in my neighborhood. I would love to support him and his trade!

            2. Wow, old topic!

              Last year, Corrado Cutlery opened on Main Street in Evanston after many decades in the Loop. We recently had them sharpen a kitchen knife. They redo the entire edge, and it came out great, the way a knife should be. We were so pleased with the results that we brought in several more, and those came out great as well. We're much happier with the results than with the sharpening by To The Point, the folks with the booth at the Evanston Farmers Market. Corrado Cutlery all the way!

              Corrado Cutlery
              716 Main Street
              Evanston, IL 60202
              (847) 563-8805
              (866) 989-7428

              1. There is also a vendor at the Palatine farmers' market: