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Sep 7, 2009 08:09 PM

Dinner Recs. within walking of Brooklyn Bridge Marriott for Thursday

Three foodies, two kids, need dinner on Thursday night, walk from Marriott. Not too $$. All cuisines are options. Fun vibe preferred, nothing stuffy or high end. Perhaps a good pub-style place? Or, is Grimaldi's within walking? Is it still good? Do they serve beer/wine?

Thank you in advance.

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  1. After a topic has been covered a number of times, people tend not to reply to posts asking for the same thing but simply refer you to old posts - try asking for theater district recs in the Manhattan board for the classic example. Accordingly, a couple of past threads dealing with this topic that are still pretty much up-to-date:

    To answer your question re: Grimaldi's: It does serve beer and wine, and it's still good, but few on this board will defend it as New York's best pizza. I often recommend it for people who will be walking the Brooklyn Bridge during the daytime, because if you time it right you can get in with little to no waiting. But a group of five on a Thursday night could be waiting awhile. That said, the current pizza darlings in your rough area - Lucali and Franny's - are also no-reservations, can have long waits, and may be less appealing to kids than Grimaldi's anyway.

    1. Waterfront Ale House -- Atlantic Ave, between Henry and Clinton. Surprisingly good food for all, from burgers to pulled pork to nachos to actual entrees and salads. Great beer selection on tap. 10-15 minute walk from the hotel (go to Atlantic Ave, make a right turn 2 blocks)

      Noodle Pudding -- Henry St, off Cranberry. The kind of Italian everyone might enjoy. Across the highway and the park from the hotel. 5 minutes and you can go see the skyline 2 blocks away from the Promenade.

      Downtown Atlantic -- on Atlantic, but make a left and go 1.5 blocks. Solid entrees, good food, nice family atmosphere. Friendly.

      1. HENRY'S END is a short walk from the Marriott. Excellent food, fun ambiance $25 three course Prix Fixe is the best deal around. NOODLE PUDDING, excellent Italian, nice ambiance, Cash Only!

        JUNIOR'S is a short walk away. Best for an early dinner. Cheescake really is amazing. Burgers and other dishes like Pastrami are very good.

        You probably don't want to waste your time waiting more than an hour at GRIMALDI'S . All they serve is Pizza, and while it is good, ot isn't worth the wait, IMHO.

        1. Henry's End is my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn but it sounds a shade nicer than you perhaps want.

          Waterfront Ale House sounds like the answer for you. I live here, and when my convention comes to town each year that's where I bring my friends. NB it may be a bit crowded at dinner time but I'm not sure on Thursday. Yummy burgers, great beer selection, pulled pig sandwich is good too I believe. Enjoy.

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            Yep, I left out Henry's End (my favorite place to go as well) intentionally, figuring that it was too much $$$ and possibly not the best place to take the kids (although they're welcome there, it's a tight fit). I forgot about the fixed price early dinner there that Fleur mentions... it certainly brings the price down, although maybe not enough.