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Treatments for tuna steaks

I'm looking for new ideas for fesh tuna. I've played alot with your generic soy-ginger-garlic-sesame marinades, used it in fish tacos, done alot of nicoise style preparations, and don't really enjoy tuna with white beans. The infamous shittake cream sauce recipe from Epicurious is on my list, and I might gamble with Rick Bayless's mole negro idea, but is there anything else I should be looking at?

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  1. What about raw, with a little bit of soy sauce and wasabi, with a big ol' bowl of rice? Nothing could be simpler or better!

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      I have a rice seasoning called Nori Fumi Furikake that I press onto the outside of raw tuna steaks which then go into the freezer for ten minutes before searing. This is a mixture of sesame seed, salt, sugar and seaweed. The freezer treatment helps to keep the seared/gray edges from creeping into the red flesh with carry-over and keeps the meat cool in the center. A fresh wasbi and shoyu dipping sauce finishes the deal.

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        Sounds like sushi without the work.
        I would add seaweed to your rice bowl and something pickled.
        Not nori but some kelp that you find in Chinese stores. It might be Chinese kombu of some kind. Cooked
        Also two whole scallions on the side

        ***** You idea is better than sushi at a restaurant because you get more tuna.

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          "Sounds like sushi without the work. "

          aka sashimi.

      2. Generously coated with salt, pepper, and sesame seeds, then seared briefly on all sides in a really hot pan. Slice immediately to stop carry-over cooking. Delicious with a wasabi, rice wine dressing.

        1. i'm not a fan of tuna with cream sauce, but i do often make a citrus aioli for tuna steaks.

          you can make tuna au poivre with a red wine reduction.

          coat the outside with crushed wasabi peas, or wasabi mayo.

          slow cook confit style with lots of olive oil in a very low oven.

          i spin vitello tonnato and do it with tuna steaks instead.

          1. I like this Bon Appetit recipe for Tuna With Tomato-Basil Sauce (Tonno Alla Livornese). It's a very easy and forgiving recipe. It's good with mushrooms too.

            And, if your still grilling, the Tuna Kebabs with Ginger-Chile Marinade are prewtty amazing.

            1. All the seasonings you mentioned are great......Personally, although I like Sesame encrusted Tuna very much, I enjoy crushed peppercorns slightly better, grilled/seared rare with the usual accompaniments of ginger, soy and wasabi......I also like to add chili or sesame oil with very fine julienne slivers of scallion and ginger.

              On dish we used to serve at a place I worked at many years ago, but still very memorable is.... Smoked Tuna which was served with Mesculin or Micro greens....but I think it would be a great appetizer served with some type of Aioli with toast points. There's a chain called Houston's that does a Smoked Salmon as an appetizer and I order it religiously every time I go there.....when I'm enjoying the smoked salmon, I always think back on the smoked tuna served at the country club......great stuff.

              1. I wish tuna and lime juice could get along better. Tuna would make beautiful ceviche, but lime juice destroys tuna in 20 minutes. So that's one NOT to try.

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                  molded tuna tartare with a dollop of lime aioli on top works.

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                    Now there ya go. That would work well

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                    Totally agree. I keep acids out of my tuna tartare and don't use tuna for ceviche.

                  3. oh! duh, one of my faves, lol. tuna steaks are great with black olive tapenade.

                    1. If you don't particularly want steak, dice it up and make Hawaiian poke. I add diced green onion and waterchestnuts with a splash of dark soy sauce.

                      I love Rick's Mole Negro with tuna steak.

                      For steak, I brush with lime-mayo and then pat in Panko before searing.

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                        I'll second this. Raw cubes, usually about 2cm/(3/4") on a side, are marinated in all kinds of stuff e.g., soy, chopped onion, and red pepper.

                      2. Salt, pepper, and grill it perfectly...IMO it needs nothing more.

                        Fun & Enjoy!!

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                          I cut my tuna in more of a chunk (like a tenderloin) , rather than a steak. I toss it in the usual soy and sesame oil, pat black sesame seeds on all sides, and sear it in a cast iron pan. I have already made a citrus beurre blanc sauce and I remove the tuna chunks and reheat the sauce in the hot pan. Pour over and around the tuna and serve with pureed potatoes. If we get tired of eating tuna steaks, I make a killer bluefin tuna burger.

                        2. As time goes on, more and more I find that my favorite way to have tuna is for it to be packed into a vessel with a little salt and some nice olive oil, then heated up, covered, and then cooked enclosed. Canned, in other words. I really do want to love it cooked from fresh, but it simply tends to go dry and flavorless. Next-best would be well-seasoned and lightly seared steaks, though I think a whole fish on a wood fire might change my mind... just not the whole fish I saw in the walk-in freezer on Kauai, the 700+ lb. one!

                          1. I do a Mediterranean Lentil crusted... i soak lentils for 6-8 hours... the i pan fry them til crispy or preferably roast in the oven seasoned with some pepper and salt. i crust tuna with them and sear in olive oil. i serve with a chilled ratatouille... (other options might to deglaze the searing pan with orange juice and drizzle with that and a parsley oil)

                            1. Thanks for the great ideas, everybody. How does Tuna get along with Miso?

                              1. Tuna and miso are often married in creative Asian Fusion cuisine. However, because both are understated flavors, sometimes that marriage just doesn't work out.

                                I marinate tuna steaks with onions and a little garlic, in olive oil, for about 30 minutes prior to grilling them on high heat. I serve these with homemade Wasabi mayonnaise, made with fresh lemon juice and 50/50 olive/soy oil.

                                1. I season the tuna with S&P, do a quick sear to cook just the outer 1/8 inch or so, slice and serve with a sauce that starts with white wine, a bit of white vinegar, and lots of chopped shallots. Simmer until reduced, then strain, and over low heat whisk in a bit of soy sauce, wasabi to taste, and then about twice as much butter as you think you need. Finish with a handful of chopped fresh cilantro. My family loves it!

                                  1. 2 tuna steaks (1/2 inch thick by about 5 inches long)
                                    12 mint leaves, no stems, minced
                                    2 garlic cloves, minced
                                    2 Tbs. olive oil
                                    juice of one lemon
                                    salt and pepper

                                    Mix together mint, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. Pour on both sides of the steaks. Marinate in fridge no more than one hour.

                                    Broil for 2 minutes or less each side. Don't overcook. Can also be cooked on a grill, quickly.

                                    Serve with steamed rice and sliced, sautéed zuke that you have cooked with a small handful of pine nuts, currants, salt and a sprinkle of hot pepper flakes.