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Sep 7, 2009 07:14 PM

Paris - 5 dinners - what do you think?

Hi everyone - I am leaving for Paris in a few days with my husband and another couple - good friends. We left the kids at home for this one! We are in our thirties - we like atmosphere and good food. We have not been to Paris before but want to get a good sampling of restaurants and experiences.

We figured we would play lunches by ear - stumble onto most places - the only one I want to hit is Le Comptoir. But here are the dinner choices - are they a good mix of atmosphere, good food and authentic experience in different neighboorhoods that we could go out after for drinks?

1st night - we have a late tour 7-11pm - so need a restaurant recco near the Eiffel Tower where we could grab something around 5:00pm - any ideas?

2nd night - Chez L'Ami jean
3rd night - Frenchie
4th night - Jules Verne
5th night - Le Timbre - this one I am not sure about - was also thinking Chez Michel, Le Biggarde (is this far from the 1st)

Would love your thoughts...

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  1. L'Epi Dupin used to be quite a favorite on this board. I haven't been in a few years but hope it's still as good as it was. Maybe someone can let us know.

    There is a very good spot across from the Tour Mauberg Metro stop. The name has gone out of my head... I'll try to remember. I had a lovely dinner there a few years ago.

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      Café Max? Chez les Anges? L'Auberge Bressane? Le Florimond? Lei?

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        Ate at L'Epi Dupin last year. The quality of the food hasn't change, same formula and still pretty good. What did change is the decor and ambience and not for the better; went from simple, cozy to 'cool dark modern'.

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          Thanks all on ideas for first night. Will look into the suggestions. Any thoughts on the other choices I made for the rest of the nights?

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            Bon jour,
            Great ideas for restos. One thought, Jules Verne is horribly expensive and there are many better restos in Paris. If you're going to go big, try the fine dining room at Plaza Athenee' or the glorious Hotel de Crillon, whose service outshines Jules Verne by 100 fold. Love L'Epi Dupin, very solid choice, and Closerie des Lilas is always a favorite for brasserie conviviality with piano music.

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              While, I've not been, I would also recommend against Jules Verne as there are better restaurants to be had for the price. Obviously, no other restaurant can offer the same views, but if I was willing to pay Jules Verne prices, I'd go elsewhere (le Cinq, Arpege, La Grand Cascade, Ledoyen).

              I would not recommend the Crillion restaurant as I believe that the head chef there recently left. This doesn't affect the atmosphere of the dining room or service, but it may affect the food.

      2. Since this is your first visit, try to have a lunch in the Bois de Boulogne, either Pre Catelan or La Grande Cascade. Both have lunch prix-fixe menus.

        1. I don't understand your inclusion of Le Timbre, although it does garner rave reviews from some. We found it the antithesis of a French experience. If you want to go to a restaurant that is filled with English speakers, I would recommend Chez Denise, which at least has history and tradition.

          Perhaps you are thinking of Le Bigarade? If so, you had best try for reservations soon or hope for a cancellation. Calling several weeks ago, we could find nothing within a week of our target (late September). Le Bigarade is an easy couple of block walk from Brochant Metro stop.

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            Been a 'steady' of Chez Denise since 1989 and been many, many times. While it says it has continuous service from Monday AM thrtough Sat AM, the fun of the place is when it is crowded. Lunch starts at 12 Noon and Dinner service starts at 8:30 usually, but the best time is in the very late evening, 1 o'clock in the morning when locals show and it is a big party. Anyone want to go, l am available.

          2. we ate at Jules Verne 2 years ago. the food was wonderful but the ambience can't be matched anywhere. as requested, we were seated at the window, facing west. The view of Paris was magic....the sunset is forever etched in my mind. just going right up to the elevator and skipping that LONG, LONG line was amazing but when we got out of the elevator and truly realized where we was indescribable. It's pricey but you will never forget it.