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Sep 7, 2009 07:14 PM

What to do with my vodka-infused figs?

I filled a jar with semi-dried figs, and then filled up the jar with vodka; kept it for a week or so, inverting the jar every couple of days. I tasted the liquid, which was delicious. Now that I'm going to decant it (and mix it, half and half, with some ginger syrup I made), what do I do with the figs themselves, and ho;w do I store them? In the fridge, I guess, but for how long? I suppose I could always use the figs as a topping for vanilla ice cream, but is there something more interesting that I could try? Thanx for any help

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  1. You might consider making grown up fig newtons or cucidati or even fig/date bars. You could also use them in a rice pilaf or a stewed chicken or lamb dish, using spices like cinnamon to complement the figs. I'm sorry to say I don't *know* how long they'll keep, but I would imagine they'd be good for a while because of the alcohol.

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    2. This recipe which has a fig relish, simmers the figs in vodka. Perhaps you can use it as an inspiration for fig relish

      1. What about warming them up a bit, laying them on a bowl of vanilla ice cream, and pouring something like honey (even lavender honey) or a nice home made chocolate syrup?

        1. Cut up figs, put on top of ice cream. Freeze the ones you want to use later