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Sep 7, 2009 06:42 PM

NFL Bar needed

Hey everyone,

I am trying to find a good place to watch NFL football (for Sundays or Monday Nighters) that has good food, good beers on tap, real fans and lots of TV Screens. Preferably somewhere in the downtown area, but places in Mississauga or Oakville would work too.

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  1. typical roadhouse food; but, bar at Loose Moose on Front St. has 9 big screens together that can form one really big screen or 9 separate games. enjoyable to watch on a Sun pm or Mon night. beer's cold and waitresses are cute.

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    1. re: dickiegreenleaf

      Lot's of places will fill the bill if you stop dreaming about good food!

      Try the Sports Center Cafe (?) at 47 St. Clair West, they used to have a pretty good wing special on Monday nights. I haven't been there for about 2 years.

      1. re: dickiegreenleaf

        I had the same suggestion. I'm headed there this Sun 9/13 afternoon to join the Toronto Expat Americans meetup group and watch the Jets game.

        Loose Moose Tap and Grill
        146 Front Street West

        1. re: South Carolina Girl

          Loose Moose may be the best suggestion from a sports perspective, but the food and the beer leave something to be desired.

          Another suggestion could be Hoops. I haven't watched football there ever, but it has been good for other sports. The food isn't any better than Loose Moose, but they do have Tankhouse on tap.

          1. re: kwjd

            I would be careful about going to Hoops. If there is a local highschool hockey game on, that may take precedence over NFL. Went to watch Raptor playoff game there years ago, and they only had it on one tiny screen. Leafs on big screen. We say, "your bar is called Hoops"? They say "were a hockey bar"

      2. I've never been, but there's a big sports bar on the corner of King and Peter Sts.

        1. Beer bistro comes to mind, it is a bit fancier than your typical bar but the food quality is also much better. TV's only accessible if you sit by the actual bar area.

          I also like Dizzy's, both on Roncesvalles and Eglinton & Yonge.

          1. The Bottom Line at Front and Yonge (just west of the Hockey Hall of Fame) is a great place to watch football... and the food is much much better than your typical sports bar...

            They even have a ticker with updated scores.... its a good place for NFL viewing. (order the seared tuna club)....

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              Harbour Front Sports Grille has decent food (good wings)and lots of TV screens, located at the bottom of Yonge I think.