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Sep 7, 2009 06:38 PM

Need good birthday spot- with conditions

My boyfriend is turning 28 next Sunday and I'd like to find a nice place to invite some of his friends for a kind of surprise lunch. The thing is- he's irish and a lot of his friends are irish so they don't tend to like super exotic food and they might get a little rowdy. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a good spot? I was thinking of Momofuku Ssam's bo ssam deal ($200 for a big slab of pork- Irish people love their meat) but it might be a little on the fancy side. Maybe a beer hall or something? Help!! I'm totally at a loss.

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  1. do you have a particular neighborhood in mind? how about price range of dishes or cost per person ?

      1. How about perfect pint? You can sit at a table on the roof and have your very own beer tap. Food is just burgers and stuff like that, but i think a big, rowdy, irish group of 28 year olds would absolutely love it.
        There's also Bia Garden which is new...different from PP, but check it out because the food may not be right.
        50-seat garden and you can order with cans and bottles served in coolers by the six-pack, twelve-pack, or case, and billed by how much is consumed.

        1. I think Blue Smoke or Hill Country would work for this occasion.

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            2nd the recommendations of Blue Smoke or Hill Country. Barbecue generally works even for conservative irish guys.