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Sep 7, 2009 06:22 PM

help! best Afghan restaurant in Queens!!!!!!!!!!!?

ive just finally discovered Afghan food and its love at first taste. ive been haunting the Afghan Kebab House on steinway in astoria but i was just seeing if theres something im missing....any ideas? thanks!

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  1. Avoid Bahar on Queens Blvd.

    Kabul Kebab on Main St Flushing can be good, but they'll cook the kebab to very well done unless you ask otherwise.

    I haven't tried Afghan Kebab House on 37th Ave in Jackson Heights. It might be related to the one you've gone to as well as the one in Hell's Kitchen, where I think there are a few more Afghan places. I don't recall any of them to have been distinguished.

    Unfortunately, none of these places even come close to the quality of Afghan you get in DC or even Baltimore. But if you haven't had any better, then ignorance is....

    I've been wanting to try Balkh Shish Kabab House on 31st St and 23rd Av.
    Take a look at this review:

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      wasn't there an afghan place in Briarwood or was that Turkish? I can't seem to remember. Used to love Pamir in the city years ago. I know it's off topic, but please tell me the afghan you like in DC or Baltimore, go there often to visit relatives.thanks

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        I like The Helmand in Baltimore. It's fancier than most Afghan places, but they do it right.

        I haven't been to DC in a long time. Some recs here::

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          It's Kabul Grill -- 138-11 QB in Briarwood.
          They're lamb dishes are excellent, especially the Qabeli Palaw.

            1. re: janie

              Unfortunately Kabul Grill is not there any more. Sort of. They never closed but they changed the name and their sign. It's now "Pak Grill Mix - Indo Pak Kahari". Same decor, same telephone number, almost identical menu. In fact, despite the new name, they left the "Fine Persian Dining" on the menu. 90% of the menu appears the same, including the prices. They added a couple of Indian dishes to the menu and pizza. Too bad they eliminated my favorite dish, the lamb shank.

        2. re: Joe MacBu

          Balkh Shish Kabab House is our favourite so far- the aushack is consistently good, I like the red and green chili condiments, and we always get the chicken jujeh kebab or the lamb shank (shing?). The ground keema kebab makes a tasty leftover the next day... Their vegetable stews are very comforting - I alternate between cauliflower and spinach. And I like the firni pudding for dessert.

          We went to Afghan Kebab House on 37th Ave back in June with friends who have a real sentimental attachment to the place. Unfortunately, our meal was not good: dry lamb chop kebab, street-meat style mayo-based white sauce instead of yogurt, old rice, gummy firni. The worst was an appetizer of fried eggplant slices, which had inedible tough skin and, although already oily, came pre-drenched in the mayo sauce. If you're in the area, my honest recommendation is to go next door to the Mustang Thali Kitchen, where we have had many far superior meals. (Afghan Kebab House is also rather expensive, which given the indifferent quality of the meat is not fair.)

          Kabul Kebab in Flushing is all right - maybe better than all right, but there's so much good stuff in Flushing we don't go there too often. I do ask for my kebab to be done medium.

          Another Afghan place is Speengar on near the 69th street 7 train stop, but we haven't been there in at least four years. It was OK when we went.

          1. re: plum

            Speengar closed a few years ago.