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Sep 7, 2009 06:12 PM

Russian River Recap

Had a great weekend in Guerneville for Labor Day weekend. Did a lot of online research before we went so thought I'd return the favor and provide some recommendations!

On the way up we stopped at Fiesta Market to stock up. Driving from SF, taking Highway 116 through Sebastopol helped bypass Santa Rosa traffic. And, it was a pretty drive. Fiesta Market was similar to a Mollie Stones, kind of like a Mom and Pop version of Whole Foods, we loved it. Great pricing and great selection of produce, meat, cheese, everything we needed.

Then we hit up Russian River Pub on Highway 116 just east of Guerneville, in Forestville. Had read on Chowhound that their wings kicked butt and they did not disappoint! We were saying they may have been the best wings we'd ever had.

The next day for lunch we hit up Stumptown Brewery in Guerneville. Great pulled pork sandwich, great burger, great fries, great beer, great outdoor deck. SLOW service. Think they forgot our order or something. But still a cool spot.

Other non-food recommendations - stopped at King's in Guerneville to pick up some tubes for a river float, the guys in there are unbelievably nice. Also, if you're looking for a good beach for laying out and swimming at the river, Sunset Beach is awesome, it's about 2 miles east of Korbel.

Can't wait until our next weekend there!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the report. Good to get some word on more casual spots in that area.

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      Another place worth mentioning is Boon, a new place on the main street in Guerneville. It's run by the people who own the Boon Resort and Spa, not too far away. The restaurant is a small casual room with a bright, clean utilitarian look. My friend and I had salads that we each enjoyed, along with Chardonnay from the nearby Dutton Estate Winery.


    2. Service at Stumptown is slow. I thought it was just me, but I think one or more of their servers might just be super forgetful. Last time they forgot an order of ribs, and we were foolish enough to wait about 15 minutes past the arrival of the last dish before we mentioned it. The server felt so bad she brought my friend a free beer and brought what looked like an extra large plate of ribs and fries, but I'm definitely going to be more on my toes there in the future.

      That said, I still love Stumptown. Great food, great view, super nice (if forgetful) staff.

      1. Nice report. If you go up that way again, Andy's Produce is a great place to stop.

        Stumptown Brewery
        15045 River Rd, Guerneville, CA 95446

        Fiesta Market
        550 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol, CA 95472

        Russian River Pub
        11829 River Rd, Forestville, CA

        1. Stumptown was pretty quiet when we were there for lunch the other day. No table service, order at the bar, they give you a number and bring the food to the table. I prefered the ribs to the pulled pork but both were good. Went back a few days later for a repeat but they were sold out for a special event. Nice super-casual / beachy atmosphere.


          Boon was great, very similar to Wood Tavern. Excellent burger, best bun.


          Agriculture at Dawn Ranch Lodge, formerly Roadhouse (not to be confused with Rio Nido Roadhouse). Some of the best lamb I've had in years, good Asian-ish ribs, nice shrimp flatbread, good fried squid, nice atmosphere, open later than most in the area.


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            We are on our second full day of a 4 night stay in Guerneville. Went to Boon last night. Shared a grilled romaine salad and 3 small plates. All were absolutely delicious and worthy of some of the better restaurants in NYC and SF. The highlight was the buttermilk panacotta with blueberry sauce served with 2 lemon & lavender shortbread cookies. It was superb. May be the best panacotta I've ever had, including the ones I've had in Italy.

            We are staying at the Applewood Inn and it is wonderful. Dinner tonight at the restaurant here. Will report on that tomorrow.

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              Looking for dinner in Guerneville two Saturdays ago around 8:00. Wanted to try Seaside Metal but they said it would be about a two-hour wait (!), Boon said 45 minutes, plus both felt kind of stuffy, so we went back to Agriculture, which had lots of tables open. Sat outside on the deck, lovely setting, pleasant after a hot day.

              No lamb, the hostess said she'd never seen it on the menu. Nice mussels in chorizo broth, excellent grilled summer squash, rich gratin of gnocchi, mushrooms, cheese, etc. Couscous with sausage and dried tomatoes was a little heavy on salty black olives, probably would have been better if we'd eaten carefully to have an even mix of ingredients in each bite instead of running out of sausage. Good desserts, surprisingly fancy.

            2. The Chron reports that the Bar Crudo chef and his brother will open a place called Seaside Metal in Guerneville in March.


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                Something to look forward to on our next trip. Thanks for posting RL.