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Sep 7, 2009 06:11 PM

How to fry with stainless steel cookware

What is the best way to fry with stainless steel cookware? My daughter is coming over and she has a large family. And all I have is stainless steel cookware. Or do I need to go out and buy another brand of cookware?

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  1. If you are talking about pan frying... Visit this link with instructions and a video

    1. What are you trying ti fry and why don't you think SS would work?

      1. Relax. Stainless is perfectly fine for all types of frying.

        1. I don't do any deep-frying, and I'm not sure if you were asking about panfrying, deep-frying or both.

          But, as to my limited experience with frying, I *like* panfrying in SS because of the reflectivity. It's easier for me to judge progress according to food color, and stainless pans deglaze well.

          The clean-up is quite easy, too, I find with stainless. Just let the pan cool off, as you would any other, and soak for a few minutes.

          To me the real issue isn't the material of the cookware, but its weight and the material's thickness.