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Sep 7, 2009 05:27 PM

bistro suggestions? east village, west village, soho, greenwich

I'm looking for suggestions for a bistro style restuarant, for a quiet/romantic dinner. New American style especially appeals. We are flexible as to East village, west village, soho, greenwich, so long as the restaurant is accessible by subway.
Little Owl and Market Table might suit, but I'm not sure what the price range is on Little Owl , or Market Table (not posted on the online menu). And also, how hard it would be to get a reservation for an early dinner on a Monday. We'd hope to have a main dish with wine and tip, for two, for under $150.

Any advice and suggestions are much appreciated.! Thank you.

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  1. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but go to 15th st at 5th ave (union sq subway) before 630 pm and have an amazing meal including wine for 59$ at Tocqueville!

    If you insist on bistro style, I'd head to the tiny le Gigot in the W Village. Reserve.

    1. I recently had an excellent meal at The Redhead, which i would consider a bistro style restaurant. Its in the EV on 13th Street near 1st Avenue.