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Sep 7, 2009 05:25 PM

restaurant in the marina

Looking for suggestions....want to have dinner with old friends from the east coast. Prices is not an issue....just good food and ambiance. Area that we would like to have dinner is the Marina in San Francisco.

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  1. Lots of good choices in the Marina/Cow Hollow area:
    Isa for small plates in a former back yard (Steiner, near Chestnut)
    Betelnut for SE Asian in a theme setting (Union St.)
    Mezes for very casual, Mediterranean tapas/small plates


    1. I live right in the area... tons of good choices.

      For a quiet environment with very good (if not super creative) food I like Plumpjack Cafe.

      For the best food in the area I like Laiola (modern Spanish tapas), it is a little louder and more hip.

      I also love A16 (Southern Italain)

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        Did Plumpjack reopen? Last time I went by it was closed for renovations (several weeks ago).

      2. What kind of ambiance. My wife loved Ace Wasabi's even though she said it was not quite her demographic, "God they were young", but she enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Perhaps it was because she won at bingo which, come to think of it, is her demographic group.

        1. A16 and Capannina are good. A16 can be really loud so the latter's better for conversation. Mezes has very good Greek food and is also relatively quiet.

          1. Could you possibly cross Van Ness and go to La Folie on Polk.? It is practically in the Marina and very FUN as its name suggests. Lots of amuse buches and warm service in nice ambience.

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              Fair enough that if price REALLY isn't an issue, La Folie is BY FAR the best restaurant in the area (unless you extend to Gary Danko... which I still don't think is as good as La Folie). La Folie is, however, several blocks from the Chestnut strip and also, just not close to the same price range as any other restaurant in the area (iirc: $75 for 3 courses, $85 for 4, $95 for 5).

              1. re: whiner

                Another nod for La Folie. And Mezes. A16 is loud to catch up with friends.

                Has anyone eaten at La Folie's more casual bar?