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Sep 7, 2009 04:38 PM

5 best restuarants( any cuisine) within 5 blocks of 56th and Lex.

Planning a trip with handicapped wife. I need suggestions on the best restuarants( any cuisine) within 5 blocks of 56th and Lex.

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  1. it would be helpful to know your budget/price range, as well as the meals you'll be eating - all dinners, or do you need breakfast & lunch places as well?

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      It would be great to comment on brunch, lunch and dinner. Cost shouldn't exceed $60/person for dinner, $35/person, and brunch $25/person.

    2. A lot in the area.. here's a list to get you started..

      BLT Steak (I've never been)
      Bobby Vans Steakhouse (never been to this location)
      Le Cirque (I've never been.. assume there would be breakfast/lunch/brunch/dinner options here)
      Aquavit (is it still open? tasting menu + pri fixe options)
      Brasserie (only been for breakfast.. a power breakfast spot for hedge fund types)
      Indian restaurant row: Ada, Yuva, Dawat, Chola (Chola is well regarded on Chowhound I think?)
      Four Seasons (Joel Robuchon, garden wine bar, power lunch, I assume a brunch option)
      Serafinas (breezy lunch/brunch)
      David Burke Townhouse (61st.. brother went and loved it last week)
      Shun Lee Palace (overpriced chinese expense account delivery place..)
      Houstons (just tossing in a cheaper option for you to be aware of, similar price to serafinas would imagine)
      The Modern (perhaps too far?)

      I didn't rank which of these are best etc. but if had to pick 2 that I would like to hit if i had to choose.. Acquavit, Burke Townhouse. I've dined at Acquavit but never had their tasting menu, which I need to get off my butt and do if they are still open...though that wouldn't work at your $60/limit dinner option. Never dined at Joel Robuchon's place either, but that wouldn't fit $60/person.. but perhaps the new garden will work ( Steakhouses can be done at $60/head although my experience at BLT Prime is that can exceed $60/head easily. for a place to look at menus for all of these places.

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        Thanks, the reply is quite helpful.

        1. re: shanshan

          Teodora is right on 57th off Lex. You can do it for your price points. It doesn't look like much from the street, but it's quite nice. Gets the upscale decorator crowd from D&D shopping up 3rd.

        2. Brasserie 360 - Great for brunch

          Cabana (great lunch specials). Portions are huge. Relatively cheap considering the portions you are given,.

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          1. re: smokeandapancake

            I like Mia Dona too, i think that's on 59th and 3d.