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Sep 7, 2009 04:33 PM

Favorites at Crema Cafe?

I read about Crema and plan on having lunch there tomorrows. Any suggestions of favorite meals/coffee? Only restriction is no lactose. Anything else to do in the area? Thank you!

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  1. they do good espressos, and i like their english muffins. cannele's are good too, but quite sweet; cookies i've found less successful. the area is harvard square, so there's tons of crap around.

    1. You can't really go wrong with coffee at Crema -- espressos are good, and they brew Terroir beans for drip which are good as well. If you are getting drip coffee it is worth the extra 25 cents to get the Terroir special.

      For food, I often get a grilled cheese and soup. The tarragon chicken salad is also good, and I think they might still have their lobster roll special, which is a bit pricey but tasty. But really I think most of the sandwiches are pretty good.

      1. Definitely the english muffin, toasted with butter and jam. It's a whole new experience - I never thought an english muffin could be that exciting!

        I like their mochas- not very sweet, dark chocolate flavor. I'm sure they could make a soy version.