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Sep 7, 2009 04:23 PM

Cooking without an oven

What would you cook if you had no oven? Daughter is in a new apartment with a gas stove and microwave but no oven. How would that change your cooking habits?

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  1. I'd do more with my crock-pot and I'd take a serious second look at Barbara Kafka's The Microwave Gourmet, Julie Sahni's Moghul Microwave, and Jean Anderson's Micro Ways, all of which I own and vow to cook from when it gets really hot in summer, but never seem to.

    Also, I'd grill a lot (if she has access to one!)

    EDIT: P.S. also, I might get a toaster oven. Eric Ripert has a really cute blog called "Get Toasted"--cooking for 1 or 2 using a toaster oven. I haven't looked at it in awhile, but it seems to be gone. I'll look around.


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      Oh, here are Ripert's toaster oven recipes. Whew! I worried they were gone.


    2. I'd hope that my loving parents would give me a combination convection microwave; or I'd sigh and settle for a toaster oven ;-D

      1. I just visited Korea where ovens are miniscule because the cuisine is not frequently baked or roasted. So I would learn to cook stir-fries and pan cookings.

        1. Definitely get a toaster oven. I've been doing without a big oven for six years now (solo household) and while I can't make lasagna for four or more, roast whole poultry or make other big roasts, there's not much that can't be adapted to today's quite versatile toaster ovens.

          I also echo the use of crock pots as a substitute for oven-braising.

          1. another vote for the toaster oven (preferably with convection capability), and crock pot.

            i'd also suggest a good grill pan (or even a counter top grill if she has the space), and a Dutch oven for stove top braising.

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              another vote for this! I had a friend who lived in an apartment with a very similar set up-rented when she had zero interest in cooking. Over the time she lived there she caught the bug and taught her self to cook with a toaster/convection oven and was quite happy. Good luck to your daughter!