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Sep 7, 2009 04:04 PM

Portland - breakfast near Pioneer Square?

We'll be staying at a major hotel near Pioneer Square in Portland, and we hate breakfast at hotel restaurants....they are always very expensive, and usually of mediocre quality. Is there a good spot for breakfast within a few blocks of the square?

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  1. I'd go to Kenny & Zuke's as my first choice - they make their own bagels and bialys which are really good and their other breakfast stuff is good too.

    My second would be Mother's (and if you go to Mother's spring for the french press coffee, it's extra but really good).

    1. Kenny & Zuke's for Jewish deli or Bijou Cafe for classic PacNW breakfast.

      1. Actually the boutique hotels in Downtown Portland are of pretty good quality. It sounds like you're staying at either the Nines or the Hilton, and in either case it's an easy walk to Kenny & Zukes Deli in one direction, or hop on the street car and head to Nel Centro in the other direction.

        1. Kenny and Zukes or the Bijou for warm. Stumptown for coffee and pastry.

          1. Bijou's oyster hash is an excellent way to start the day (and Stumptown is next door).