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Sep 7, 2009 04:02 PM

Where to eat during Restaurant Week 2009? (PHX)

Not all the menu's are up yet, but I've already started thinking about it. Since I moved to far east Mesa (where the the "best" restaurant is Red, White and Brew, which isn't bad, but. . .), I'm not so familiar withe places on the list. Suggestions?

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  1. My personal short list, chosen either because I've been waiting for a good opportunity to try it, or because it's a favorite bringing me back for a good deal:
    BLT, Bourbon Steak or J&G
    Coup de Tartes
    Los Sombreros
    Zinc Bistro

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      I am doing BLT and J&G. Interestingly, BLT includes a cocktail, which makes the meal even more of a value. J&G is on my short list of places to try out anyway, so this is a great opportunity.

      Went to Bourbon Steak last year, and it was wonderful. It is super expensive otherwise, so this is a good chance to check it out. The food was delicious (regular size portions, and I agree with Poerz about the wonderful duck fat fries), and the service excellent. We have been back for burgers in the bar (and ordered the fries as a side - $5 which is an amazing value).

      Also went to Roka Akor last year, which wasn't great. I felt like they were trying to up-sell us the whole time (to add supplemental courses to the meal), and thought our server looked down on us when we didn't take the bait (ie. "Look at the cheapo restaurant week folks"). I didn't find the special menu that great a deal (and quite frankly, haven't been back again after the snotty service).

      NOCA offers a great deal every Sunday night (Simple Suppers), that is basically the same price, so I think I will skip them during restaurant week - although, it is a great restaurant, so if you are looking to experience a great meal, this is someplace that shouldn't be missed.

    2. Of the places that have menus up, I'm most interested in the offerings at:


      I liked my recent meal at Nine 05 and am eager to try more of what they have to offer, but some of the things I'm most interested in trying are not on the RW menu.

      1. Bourbon Steak is an opportunity to enjoy what is otherwise, a very expensive restaurant. Dined there last year and enjoyed it immensely. Particularly the complimentary french fries cooked in duck fat appetiizer. Two others from last year were very good as well. Capital Grille surprised us a bit and Roy's was very nice. This year I think Vincent's has an interesting menu. From what I hear, weekend nights are already filling up fast.

        1. So far, we have resevations at BLT Steak & Noca. We just did Atlas for yelp's RW (& it was yummy!) -- I wouldn't mind doing that one again, although I'd be perfectly happy to just go any time. We did Bourbon Steak last year, & thought the food was excellent. However, everybody in our group found it loud & the chairs uncomfortable. I'm willing to hit that one again & see if it was just something about the particular table we were at.

          Booger had exactly the same experience at Roka Akor that we did. And I've had exactly the same response. (Haven't been back.) If anybody does go, it'll be interesting to hear if they've changed their attitude any ...

          1. Have you tried Dvine out in northeast Mesa across the street from RW&B? I've had some great meals there.