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Sep 7, 2009 03:54 PM

O'Hare Airport to Peoria

My wife, daughter and I are driving from ORD to Peoria, leaving ORD around 7-7:30 pm. Any recs for dinner along I-80, then I-180 and down Rt. 29? We're traveling on a Tuesday, so this maybe limits our choices.....

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  1. Suggest you may want to get dinner in the Chicago suburbs before heading off onto I-80. With you leaving O'Hare so late, by the time you get out of the Chicagoland area, most small town restaurants will be closed for the evening. Another option would be to change your route to head down I-55 to Bloomington/Normal, and pick up I-74 over to Peoria. Bloomington/Normal is a college town; so, odds are in your favor that something will be open later at night. (and I-55 follows old Route 66!)