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Sep 7, 2009 03:20 PM

Indian in Montreal

Visiting Montreal for several days next month and staying in Old Montreal. Any recommendations on good Indian food while we are in town? Thanks!

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  1. See the mother of all Indian food threads: Indian in Montreal

    Also, do searches by plugging Indian (or Bengali, Pakistani, Madras, etc.) in the Search This Board box at the top of the page. Then repeat the search with the Sort By Relevance button checked. For example:

    Just be sure to look at the dates of the threads you pull up. Obviously, the newer the better.

    1. Mirchi in Old Montreal. Very good food, nice service and decor.

      1. Go to little India (Jean-Talon West) and try one of the places that offers a thali (mixed plate). Bombay Mahal, India Curry House, Moti mahal... all great choices. Bombay Mahal and Moti mahal are BYOBs, meaning you can bring your own booze. Which is a great option for Indian, becuase I feel it DEMANDS beer. Or read those posts.

        1. No need to travel all the way up to Jean-Talon for great Indian.

          Gandhi on St. Paul Ouest in Old Montreal is one of the best Indian restaurants in the Old Port or in the city. Their curries are both flavorful and hot, beautiful restaurant (recently expanded), excellent service and good prices. Highly recommended.

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            Just went there (Gandhi) tonight, and what a treat. Easily the best Indian food I've had outside of Washington, DC. It's a shame that neither Toronto nor Ottawa seem to have Indian restaurants of this calibre.

          2. This is a new Indian Restaurant that also sells bagels and other baked goods. This is the best thali plate I've ever had and believe me, I've had many. It's a family run restaurant, atmosphere is friendly, price is right ($10.00). You can't miss with this one.

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