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Sep 7, 2009 03:02 PM

Kailua dinner

Looking for a great place in or near Kailua for dinner- fresh seafood, veggies- prefer organic but any culinary delight that is a must is great! Good wine, beer & spirits too! Mahalo.

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  1. hope its not too late, as a "townie" i hesitate to reply to a windward board, I just don't get over there often enough. but since no one else is answering

    Haleiwa Joes at Haiku generally gets pretty good reviews
    Buzz's Steakhouse, Lanikai (Kailua) has good food, good booze, and a spectacular setting

    sorry, for some reasons the links aren't working

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      I like Assaggio, nice Italian seafood dishes, great pork chops, etc. Tableside Caesar salad
      and really fabulous not expensive martini's! I like lunch there but have enjoyed many dinners
      there as well.