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Sep 7, 2009 02:50 PM

Requests for Recommendations at Asia Cafe (183/Spicewood)

Completely strung out on the place. Crispy Duck, Beef Wide Rice Noodle are the most recent fascinations.

What are your favorites/recommendations?

Also, has anyone been to the noodle house next to the Machado jiu-jitsu place down the way?

Thanks much in advance.

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  1. Several old threads on Asia Cafe:

    I always get the Spicy Fish, Green beans and something new each time.

    The noodle place is Chen's. This thread has some reviews:

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    1. re: ssouth

      I'm with ssouth. Asia eggplant is also very good. Cooked in a clay potwith some ground pork, spicy and sweet,excellent.

    2. If you don't mind fat, twice cooked pork is very good. Basically sauteed thinly sliced pork belly with peppers and celery in a spicy black bean sauce.

      Aside from the asian eggplant, the salt and pepper fried eggplant disks are also pretty good. eggplant is stuffed with ground pork, sliced in to slices, lightly battered and fried then sauteed with salt and pepper seasoning.

      The green beans are a pretty good staple.

      I always liked the frog legs here, big plate of fried frog legs with pepper for $10.

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      1. re: lixlix

        I'm the original poster of Asia Cafe, almost exactly 3 years the interim, almost every dish on the menu worth trying has been discussed on this board, it's just a matter of searching. Well, every dish worth trying before they moved next door and expanded the menu. Maybe the new thread should be an exploration of the new items????

        The search feature is your friend....thousands of words have been posted about this great place....

        1. re: sambamaster

          So what's the new space like? Any change in prices?

          1. re: conquer

            I stopped by the new space yesterday and had General Tao's chicken.
            I thought it was wonderful and the portions are HUGE. I ate half and had the second half today.
            Next time will be the crispy duck...

      2. I had the pork elbow today (#758 I think) and so long as you eat some of the skin along with the meat after bathing the bite in sauce, it is real tasty.

        1. I got some food to go the other day. good as usual, but one thing i noticed was that it was no longer in Styrofoam. It was in plastic containers which can be re-used. Rice was in a cardboard carton, like chinese food all used to be in.