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Sep 7, 2009 02:43 PM

Mexican sour cream

I bought a bottle of Mexican sour cream to use in a recipe and need to use the rest of it up. What suggestions are out there.

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  1. Thin pizza crust + crema + thinly-sliced onions + lardons. 3 min. in a pizza oven = tarte flambee!

    1. - Make up a huge batch of chorizo and potato filling for tacos or burritos. Drizzle generously with the crema.
      - How many baked potatoes can you eat :-)?
      - Sour dairy products are good in tzatziki: - two peeled and shredded cucumbers, full fat yogurt + crema or kefir to taste, dill, ONE finely minced small clove of garlic.

      1. in pasta sauces;
        spread on corn on the cob after grilling and before rolling in cotija (or pecorino or parmesan) cheese and sprinkling w/chili powder and lime juice;
        mashed w/potatoes;
        sweetened and spooned over berries or fruit or cake or pie;
        stirred into pan sauces;
        used to make creamed spinach--or chard or a delicious, tangy version of creamed onions;
        layered w/sauteed cabbage, caramelized onions, and white cheddar or gruyere;
        spooned over huevos rancheros or enchiladas;

        1. Stir it into tortilla soup!