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Sep 7, 2009 02:17 PM

Why doesnt Aunt Carries (Point Judith, RI) get more love?

This has got to be one of the best seafood "shacks" in RI, yet it never seems to get any attention! Seems like its always Flos, Iggys, Champlains, Evelyns get all the reviews, but to me Aunt Carries is a RI Institution! There are other places I like (and dont) but Aunt Carries alwasy seems to be consistent.

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  1. I have tried to enjoy Aunt Carrie's on several occasions over the years, but have been uniformly disappointed by bland, greasy food and service that makes the DMV look good. All I see in its favor is location. On a different but related note, why doesn't anyone do more than the barest minimum when preparing clam cakes? Even using the standard mixes & pre-chopped clams, a bit of garlic powder and a hint of celery salt with additional clam meat produces something worth eating. The last time I visited Aunt Carrie's I was in the mood for clam cakes, but they killed that mood quickly with bland, possibly clam-free plugs of what should have been described as grease fritters.

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      They seem to get plenty of business from the locals and touristas... go at 4:45 pm and you'll be knee deep in the early bird crowd. But, you answered your own question -it's an institution. When the Foys were still in the kitchen, I remember things being quite good - as of now, they're good enough to keep the lines out the door. That's really not enough to keep hounds happy though. I prefer Champlins lobster roll - and I haven't had a good clamcake in a few seasons...

    2. Personally, I wasn't impressed with Aunt Carrie's...Champlains is my fav, with Iggy's runnign a close second...Haven't tried Flo's, though...

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        Agreed. We tried Aunt Carrie's on our annual visit to RI. The fried clams were small, overcooked, and completely lacking that briney/clammy taste. The bay scallops were tasty, but VERY greasy. There was literally grease dripping off the bottom of the bag.

        Two days later we went to Flo's. I know it gets mixed reviews on the board, but honestly, I can't remember ever having had better fried clams and I lived on the coast of Maine for over a decade. Try it!

        Next year we are trying Champlains along with another visit to Flo's. What do people recommend there?


      2. Their chowder reminds me of dishwater. I end the meal wondering why I did that to myself.

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        1. re: Trnrbrnr

          YES!! That's it! Dishwater. Couldn't quite put my finger on why I hate it so. I finally smartened up and haven't been in several years, but I recall terrible clamcakes too. I agree w/the poster above....Champlins & Iggys. Looking forward to trying Evelyns.

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            I was not impressed with Evelyn's clam chowder in the least. It was watery, with chunks of potatoes, hardly any clams, and very bland. I like a good white or even red chowder,and Evelyn's only serves their signature "RI clear broth chowder. However, we did have an order of fried clams and they were good...not the best i've had, but good.

          2. re: Trnrbrnr

            My mom is on a low-sodium diet. One of the results is that restaurant food is almost always unbearably salty for her. Soups in restaurants can easily go way overboard with a salt shaker. She loves Aunt Carries chowder. One man's poison ...

            1. re: thinks too much

              I know some people think "perfectly seasoned" is a thing to aim for, but it's so subjective....I'd always rather have to salt my food than run the risk of getting something too salty.

          3. My favorite place is Champlains too. I look forward to summer visits there. I also like Flo's and Evelyn's in Tiverton is ok. Although I am also thinking of ice cream at Grey's when I decide to go there!

            1. I will be there tomorrow for an annual visit during a Rhode Island motorcycle ride.'s not the greatest place to eat but it is better than many. I will get whole belly clams, fries and a hot dog for dessert.

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                I have lived in RI all my life. Whats an Aunt Carries.

                1. re: Frank Terranova

                  Start looking here:

                  Aunt Carries
                  1240 Ocean Road, Narragansett
                  (401) 783-7930

                  are you sure you're a Rhode Islander?

                  1. re: okra

                    It's the whole RI travel distance thing. I have lived in RI all my life going over 50 and from the east bay. I am not familiar with Carries. Did not spend a lot of time on that side of the bay. Thats how it is for most older Rhode Islanders, not traveling to far in the the smallest state.--lol Go figure.