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Sep 7, 2009 02:16 PM

Where to buy nonstandard Flour? (i.e. Rye flour)

Where in the Boston area (I live in Brookline, for reference) can I purchase rye flour and some other bread-baking flours and seeds?

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  1. I think Whole Foods probably has rye flour and some others. Seeds too.....

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      Whole Foods, definitely. Even places like Roche Bros. have Rye Flour; it's pretty mainstream...

    2. I will second the recommendation for WF, with two important reasons. Not only do they carry rye flour and a bunch of other flours used in bread, but

      - their turnover on non-wheat flour is probably a lot higher than in your standard supermarket, so what they have is probably fresher, plus

      - they have a good variety available in bulk bins, which means you can buy only a little if that is all you need - no need to get 5 pounds when the next time you will use that flour is months and months away.

      1. I agree with the Whole Foods bulk aisle recommendations but if what you're looking for is rye meal, the kind you use in pumpernickel bread, you may need to mail order it from King Arthur. I went on an odyssey looking for it a few years ago and came up empty handed. At the time I was looking, several people also recommended the Harvest Co-op so you may want to check there as well. I also know that some of the bigger Shaw's, like the one on River St. in Waltham, has a huge selection of Bob's Red Mill products.

        1. The Harvest Co-Op in Cambridge (Central Square) has a nice selection of bulk flours including rye. The prices are reasonable too.

          1. Ocean State has been carrying lots opf Bob's Red Mill products. I've been happy with the quality/freshness, too.