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I am staying in the Bethesda area. I am here from London and also an ex-New Yorker.
Looking for reccomendations . Can I get some good suggestions for good places to eat in the area -as well as good European coffee and bakeries? I am desperately seeking the quality I am used to.
Many thanks,

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  1. Daruma is a Japanese market with a counter. You can order bowls of noodle soup and light meals. Definitely worth investigating.

    Faryab is a nice Afghan place, open only for dinner. Very good buranee, aush, and kadu palow.

    1. Here are a few links to get you started:

      Rockville: http://www.saintmichelbakery.com/
      Bethesda (sunny lunch time bistro upstairs): http://www.praline-bakery.com/

      Bethesda (white table cloth): http://www.passagetoindia.info/
      Rockville (same owner - more lounge like): http://www.spicexing.com/
      Bethesda (casual, good takeaway): http://www.saveurindia.com/

      Sichuan Chinese:
      Rockville: http://www.joesnoodlehouse.com/

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        Lydia is quite right. Do not miss Praline for your good European coffee and bakery fix.

        Praline does have a bistro upstairs, too, but I would hazard that it has the best baguettes and macarons in the area, as well as other great baked goods, and delicious coffee to boot.