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Sep 7, 2009 01:41 PM

souvenir fr London?

I'm fr Toronto Canada vacationing in London now.
What should i bring back? Preferably light and packable...

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  1. The North Americans in my life like Burnt Sugar candies.

    You can find them at their stall at the Borough Market and in some Waitrose supermarkets too. Quite a bit more interesting than tea, and truly something that is English and has yet to cross the pond. I love the sea salt crumbly fudge, not at all like North American fudge. All fair trade too.

    1. I second the Burnt Sugar fudge. Yum!

      It's all about the packaging though right? I'd say go for a jar of Marmite - it's a love it or hate it spread for toast, and a classic jar design.

      Good place for food pressies is Selfridges Food Hall on Oxford Street.