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Sep 7, 2009 01:25 PM

Boston To Burlington, VT

I am coming out to burlington via Boston on September 10th with my wife for our Anniversary, and I am looking for some food choices both along the route for lunch, and within the lake Champlain area. We already plan to go to the Single Pebble for dinner and to Tratoria Delia for dinner as well.

My wife and I are both foodies, but she tends to be a bit more picky than I am. She is one bad meat experience away from being a veggie. Any help you can give us for lunches, and the one remaining night we have for dinner would be appreciated.


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  1. Tip-Top Cafe in White River Junction is a good lunch stop northbound, but would be closed on the way back - there was some discussion maybe a week ago. Just follow the signs for WRJ when you exit 89 and then stay straight for the village when 4/5 turn left across the bridge - it'll be a block up on the left with a parking area adjacent. Be careful when you get back on 89N - easy to get on 91S instead. Plenty of past discussions on Burlington - many like Single Pebble while others are not so impressed. I like Restaurant Phoebe in Montpelier - maybe an early dinner on the way back?

    1. The best place I have been to there lately is The Belted Cow bistro in Essex Jct. you should check that out if you are in the area. I ate there about two weeks ago for my second time and it was great food.

      1. Thanks,

        Anything rate highly in Burlington or surrounding area? The Belted Cow sounds fun, any more for lunch or dinner?

        1. Well if you're looking for a wonderful dining experience, the two dinners you've chosen are great, and for the third I'd strongly recommend Hen of the Wood in Waterbury. It's not that long of a drive (about 30 minutes). Totally worth it from all I hear.

          1. En route from Boston to Burlington, we really like Simon Pearce for lunch. Very classy atmosphere, elegant food and nice location on the river - and it's fun to peruse the attaches glass-blowing shop. Trattoria Delia and A Single Pebble are both great choices for dinner, and I'd strongly suggest Starry Night Cafe, about 30 minutes south in Ferrisburgh. The food is a amazing - high-end quality without being pretentious, friendly servers, and there's a nice patio and pond in the back.

            If you're thinking of visiting Shelburne Museum in the lower Lake Champlain area, Bistro Sauce is really good for lunch, or you could go to Shelburne Farms' beautiful inn for Sunday brunch right on the lake. In Burlington itself, I love Four Corners of the Earth on Pine street for unusual sandwiches and really fun, funky atmosphere; and American Flatbread pizza is a good choice too.

            Inn At Shelburne Farms
            99 Inn Rd, Shelburne, VT 05482

            Simon Pearce
            Quechee Main Street Quechee VT, Quechee Main Street Quechee, VT

            Starry Night Cafe
            5467 Route 7, Ferrisburgh, VT 05456