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Sep 7, 2009 01:18 PM

Timmy O's in Corona - Frozen Custard

Just want to give Timmy O's a pop. Live in Nassau County and had dinner fri @ Michael's Chophouse in Douglaston (ate there several times when it opened under a diff name, but same mgmt - love the space & feel of place. preferred the previous menu. being out of salmon on a friday night @ 8pm is kind of inexcusable. for what it's worth - they also ran out of artichokes which was featured in one of their specials that night)...


Having read about Timmy O's on Chowhound, we took a ride. Tim's story is interesting (easily found via google) and the product (same stuff as Shake Shack) was great. I figured him to be a neighborhood guy, but he actually lives out by me and is a super nice guy. It's a few blocks from Parkside and thus minutes from the LIE and the 108th street exit. Def a destination when u want something creamy, rich and full of flavor. Give it a try...

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