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Sep 7, 2009 01:15 PM

Assaggi surprise [Ferndale]

We visited Assaggi in Ferndale the other night. We have been a couple times before and each time a great dinner. This time when we went in the lady at the door asked if we "would like to sit on the patio"....we paused...looked at each other..thinking where?!? we said sure! and she lead us out the back door to the NICEST outdoor dining setup we have been to in the metro area!
What a gem! our dinner was great (as we expected) the service perfect as well. the Whole experience OUTSTANDING. just thought I'd write this in case there were others out there
that didn't know this little oasis existed behind the main restaurant.

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  1. the patio there is excellent, unfortunately it is probably not open much longer. It is definitely unexpected though. Assaggi is definitely a gem in Ferndale. (Just not always in my budget)