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Sep 7, 2009 01:07 PM

Haggis, Scotch eggs and meat pies

I attended the Scotish Highland Games in Pleasanton yesterday (fun event) and though a lot of the grub available there was fairly nondescript, I did enjoy some haggis with gravy (a first for me), a pretty good Scottish meat pie and a Scotch egg--which for those who don't know is a peeled hard-boiled egg that's then covered in sausage meat and baked. All of it was surprisingly tasty--especially the haggis! The meat pie we sampled had ground meat in it, but they had various steak pies too.

Is there any restaurant, store or street vendor where I could obtain a good version of these items in the Bay Area (preferably in the Oakland/Berkeley vicinity)?

At the event, the vendor that was selling the pies and the Scotch eggs was "Heritage Meat Pies", but I couldn't tell if they were locally based--didn't seem like it.

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  1. The usual and perhaps only answer has been the Scottish Meat Pie in Dixon.

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      Hmm, maybe these were the same folks selling at the Games, though the most prominent signage seemed to say "Heritage".

    2. Marin West in Redwood City isn't quite a pub, but ever since I saw this post on bunrab I've been dying to go for haggis on a stick and a scotch egg

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        Thanks for the tip. Seems far from traditional, of course, but tasty-looking nevertheless. Please do report if you make it out there!

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          That's Martins West, not Marin. Click on the Place link below for several chowhound reports.

          Martins West
          831 Main Street, Redwood City, CA 94063