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Sep 7, 2009 12:46 PM

Best pizza in either Litchfield or Fairfield County

Hey all, we have relatives coming in from Italy and we were wondering if there are any good pizza places we could take them around here. We're in Brookfield, and willing to travel in nearby Litchfield and along the Fairfield Coastline. Ideally it'd be a place where we could find a nice margherita pizza -- I've been to Pepe's in New Haven but it's not the type of pizza they'd really enjoy, and I've always thought it was a tad too oily. Any favorites around here? It doesn't HAVE to be a margherita pizza, but I've noticed too many places around here use cheap mozzarella and I'm looking for something a little different. Any options? We've been to Carmanuccio's and while we thought it was just fine, it was nothing too special.

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  1. Do youself a favor and use the search engine and punch up Litchfield CountyrPizza and see if you get the comments from Magnumwino to appear.
    We've listened to magnum's advices on pizza in the Litchfield County area(he lives there) and he's steered us to the really good pizza places there.