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Sep 7, 2009 12:41 PM

Whole Beans in the Latin Quarter/Village

Hello! I just moved to town and am trying to find a place to get good whole bean coffee near my place. I'm @ Berri-UQAM metro. Also -- I'm a graduate student, so I can't spend tons of money on coffee (though I'd like to).


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  1. Closest place I'm aware of is Brûlerie St-Denis (3967 Saint-Denis, a few blocks north of Sherebrooke). A block or so north of that is Aux Deux Marie (4329 Saint-Denis). Both are competent roasters and have a fairly high turnover.

    On Rachel, a few blocks east of Saint-Denis is free-trade roaster Café Rico (969 Rachel Est). Again, their beans/blends probably won't shake your world but they're not bad and, last I checked, a little more affordable than some places.

    Still on Rachel but west of St-Denis is new kid on the block Café Névé (151 Rachel Est, 514 965 3117). Have yet to visit the store (rumour is their machine is on the fritz and awaiting spare parts) but have heard they are or will be selling beans from world-class roasters like 49th Parallel and Intelligentsia.

    Other than that, you're only a short metro ride away from the fabulous Café Myriade (1432 Mackay), which has 49th Parallel, Intelligentsia and pricey Terroir beans. Also worth checking out is Mile End's Caffè In Gamba (5263 Parc), which brings in a wide assortment of beans, some of them Montreal exclusives, from great roasters including Zoka, Intelligentsia, 49th Parallel, Terroir and Metropolis.

    None of these are bargain beans (though coffee beans are hardly overpriced these days). The good news is that the world-class stuff doesn't tend to be pricier than the more mundane locally roasted stuff.

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      At the moment Myriade is 49th only, and Neve will begin the same way. For what it's worth, they're only waiting on Hydro Quebec and as soon as a more powerful electric panel is hooked up they'll be ready to go.

      1. re: Anth

        Thanks for the update, Anth, and congrats on placing first in the recent Eastern Regional Canadian Barista Championship.

        Another place worth considering: Caffè Art Java (Président Kennedy just east of University). Last I checked they were selling Gimme! beans.

      2. re: carswell

        Brulerie used to have a location on St. Denis just north of De Maisonneuve, which would be much closer to the OP's location - I think it's still there, and you should be able to get beans at it.

        1. re: cherylmtl

          Right you are. From their website:
          1587 RUE ST.DENIS
          H2X 3K3 TÉL.: (514) 286-9159

          Must have passed by it hundreds of times. Do they roast on the premises? Beans purchased from the now-defunct outlet in the Simons food court, which didn't have a roaster, could be stale compared with the same beans from the CDN location, which does.

          1. re: carswell

            I can't remember if they have a roaster there or not. Still, I would hope the beans would be fresher than those in the Brulerie in the Simons food court, which seemed to be mainly for display purposes, as they obviously didn't sell many...Having bought them there once, many years ago, I never made the same mistake again.

        2. re: carswell

          Wow, thanks for all of the help. I'm a student at Concordia, so I've already had the pleasure of Myriad. It reminded me quite a bit of Intelligentsia, actually, but was apparently 49th. Either way, excellent cup.

          I'll have to try the Brûlerie. I've been in there but didn't buy anything.

          1. re: mrrrty

            I'm afraid that while Brulerie beans are fine, they don't come close to anything you will have tried at Myriade...

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