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Sep 7, 2009 12:17 PM

paris gastronomique getaway

We live in paris, and would like to travel for a saturday night dinner somewhere with a very nice hotel on premises, or easily accessible. A 3 hour or less train ride would be ideal. Cost is not an issue, food quality is:) Thank you.

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  1. The choice is just too large. A 40 mn TGV ride takes you to Reims, where you have a choice of Les Crayères, where the chef just left but it's still one of the loveliest small hotels of the world, and l'Assiette Champenoise (does it have an hotel?). At 1h05 TGV there is Montbard, from where you can take a cab to Saulieu and stay at Relais Bernard Loiseau (my fav, especially in the fall, with a gorgeous spa also) or even to Vezelay and Marc Meneau's l'Espérance (the hotel is really lovely). Still in Bourgogne, there's the utterly professional and lovely Lameloise, train to Chalon/Saone. I'd love a getaway at Alain Chapel's little modern hotel and excellent restaurant (TGV to Lyon, 2h). Hell, you can even do the Provence (eg l'Oustau de Baumanières, little paradise) or Marseille (eg Passédat) in less than 2 hours TGV. Only the SW is a bit too far -- Guérard and Trama both have really magical places.

    And I did not start discussing Alsace, esp. Auberge de l'Ill and l'Arnsbourg (Strasbourg is 2h TGV).

    Your request is not specific enough. All those top places have very different styles, but in food and hotel. You should research them some and see which ones tempt you most.

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      Ditto! Tell us what type of food and environment you are looking for and we can recommend better. ;)

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        A TGV with an average speed of 250 kmh can cover a lot of country. Best advice is to head south in the Winter and North in the summer. We also used to check out their special offers which are really good and help narrow down target areas.

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        To be honest, Marseille is about 3h and half (maybe a little bit less) away from Paris. Which is still really comfortable, compared to how longed it used to take not so long ago.

        1. re: olivierb

          Almost 3h exactly, actually (2h58 on my last trip, although that was about 5 min earlier than scheduled).

          Hell, you can even make it to Karlsruhe and almost to Rotterdam in 3 hours. Come to think of it, to get away from Paris, those both feel significantly further than Reims. Which just recapitulates Souphie's point: what are you looking for?