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Sep 7, 2009 12:08 PM

Good Hotdog like Grey's Papaya?

Does anyone know who has good hotdogs like Grey's Papaya. A hot dog that is special and good. Not a steamed hot dog. Not skinless hot dog. a hot dog with "snap" when it is bitten down on. A hotdog vendor who knows what a primo dog should be like. No wannabees/no pretenders/no advertizers/
Please - no vendors reply - only patrons. I want an honest answer.

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  1. Apart from the halfsmoke at Ben's/Weenie Beenie, natural casing dogs are rare around DC. I think the footlong chili dog at Hard Times Cafe is natural casing, but I may be mistaken. It is grilled, though, not boiled.

    1. Not sure where you can get them prepared, but Laurel Meat Market carries an excellent dog that you can make at home -- Thumann's. Natural casing dogs that are skinny and fairly long. The seasoning is ever so slightly sour, which really elevates the experience if you ask me. Excellent dog.

      1. Nathan's sells a natural casing dog that's readily available at Shoppers Food Warehouse and some Safeways. Long and thin, similar to the one at Grey's Papaya and Papaya King.

        I think part of the reason why sidewalk vendors and restaurants don't serve them is that they require low heat grilling to keep the casing from burning/rupturing. It's easier and cheaper to just dump a package of dirty water dogs into steam tray.

        Windy City Red Hots does good Vienna Beef dogs, but they're not natural casing. Johnny's Half Shell makes their own natural casing dog, cooked perfectly, but it's kinda steep.

        1. Ok, so I'm not up on all the intricacies of hot dog vs wurst. But if you want a really fine product, no apologies offered, then go to Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe in N. Arlington. Regular hours, they have a bauernwurst that has all the requirements you are asking for. If you can get it on a logenbrotchen (pretzel roll), then that is a bonus. On Saturdays in nice weather, they are sometimes outside grilling. Very good sauerkraut.

          1. Gray's Papaya serves a Sabrett hot dog according to reliable sources.......if that helps you out locally.