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Sep 7, 2009 11:36 AM

Anyone been to the new La Cachette Bistro? If so...good or no bueno?

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  1. Went there last night for dinner. Three of us had fish - disappointing all around. Another friend had a veal dish, which she loved. Lobster bisque was just okay, and spinach salad was lacking in flavor. Dessert was good, especially tiramisu (which was very good). As of last night, they were open just for one week...the waiter was friendly, but not too experienced. He has not yet tried any dishes, so he was not helpful when we had questions about the food. The outdoor patio is nice, and it is a nice addition to the area, but I will not be rushing back unless I start hearing and reading stellar reviews.

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      funny. I was there last night as well! We were inside though. It started on a bad note when we sent back our bottle of 1997 Pauillac because it tasted like vinegar and mold. And when we asked questions about other wines our waiter didn't seem to know anything so we took matters into our own hands and choose another bottle, which, thankfully was a simple good bottle of Bordeaux.

      onto the food...

      we both order the fresh Hawaiian hearts of palm salad. No bueno. It was bland and dressed in a heavy flavorless mustard sauce. BUT then our main course came. The portions we very small for the price. My husband had the duck breast, which was a bit over cooked but he was happy with the taste and I had the buffalo short ribs which were truly DIVINE. It was swimming in a coffee and cabernet sauce and the meat was very flavorful and tender and melted in my mouth. I would go back just for that dish. We didn't have dessert just a hefty bill.

      They still seem to be figuring it out so I would wait about a month to go back for another go...

    2. My wife and i went there saturday night and i thought it was very good. I had a provencal tart appetizer and swordfish; my wife had a beet salad, followed by a snapper special. The dinner was really enjoyable and the space is very nice (we sat on patio outside). I thought the wine list was pretty good although honestly I only looked at the whites and roses. My wife had some type of pineapple dessert which she enjoyed, but i did not try it. And they had a pretty good cocktail menu. Our waitress was fine and the hostess was especially accommodating.

      appetizers, dinner, one dessert, a round of drinks and a bottle of chablis, including tip, was around $150, which seemed fair.

      I will say that service was lightning fast--to the point of being a negative...the food was served at a business lunch pace, or faster.

      On the whole, i thought it was head and shoulders above Ocean Ave Seafood and reminded me a little of the restaurant at the Casa del Mar two or three chefs ago, before the renovation and the sushi bar/crudo concept...

      1. I had a really great dinner there recently. I had the smoked cod with salmon sausage, fennel cabbage I believe with a delicious light sauce. My friend had the pork shank with mashed potatoes. We ate every bite. We had the ceviche oysters to start which were tasty. Warm bread was served that I remember enjoying. I would definitely go back as I eyed a few dishes that had my name on them.