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Sep 7, 2009 09:45 AM

If I like Gaslight and Eastern Standard....

where else will I like? I'm looking for a restaurant to take my dh for his birthday next Sunday.... He is not in the mood for Clio/Radius/Meritage. Either side of the river is fine. Thanks!

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  1. Maybe Hamersley's or Sel de la Terre.

    1. Hey, this is fun but that one was too easy. How about: "If I like O Ya and Speed's ..."

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      1. the gaslight group also owns union and aquitaine.

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          1. re: litchick

            which is so tiny as to be almost besides the point.

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              Well, it's not huge, but it's a nice place with good food and romantic atmosphere -- and not hard to get a table. It's on opentable. The OP is looking for a bday spot for her and her husband -- it's not like she's looking to accommodate a 15 person party or anything. I have often quite enjoyed Metropolis for such occasions.

              1. re: litchick

                wasn't trying to be negative as to quality, but it's a far different vibe from the places mentioned by the op, which both have capacities of over 200.

        1. Petit Robert (Kenmore or South End), Sandrines (Harvard Square), LaVoile (Newbury Street) and even Miel (at the Intercontinental Hotel on the Boston Waterfront) may appeal.

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          1. re: Small Plates

            I'd have to second Petit Robert in the South End. I think the place is way more quiet than either Gaslight or Eastern Standard and with better food. However, Eastern Standard definitely has better cocktails than Petit Robert.

            1. re: Small Plates

              third petit robert - food is great and the atmosphere is romantic.

            2. Bistro/brasserie-ish food: Pierrot, Petit Robert, Beacon Hill Bistro, Les Zygomates, Brasserie Jo, Sandrine's.

              ESK-level cocktails: Drink, No. 9, Green Street, Craigie on Main.


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              1. re: MC Slim JB

                i was very disappointed in my last few visits to sandrine's.

                1. re: hotoynoodle

                  I concur, hotoynoodle--I've been a couple of times over the last 18 months and while no visit was bad, none were very good.

                  I'm not crazy about any of the recommendations in this thread, actually, except MC Slim's always spot-on cocktail recs.

                  My recommendation would be La Voile, although it is a Provencal, not Parisian, brasserie. For a birthday, it would be a great choice, too.

                  Of course, we don't know what eLizard likes about ESK and Gaslight. If it is the scene, not bistro-style food per se, I'd lean toward Les Zygomates, with perhaps Mistral as a slightly different (and more costly) alternative.