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Sep 7, 2009 09:35 AM

Universal Joint-Asheville?

Has anyone been yet? How is the food? Heard the burgers weren't anything to write home about... Beer selection? Let us know!

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  1. been a few times, but too soon for anything definitive. bit of inconsistency among visits due to opening jitters.

    most of food seems to be standard foodservice stuff. steinbeck burger was ok, french dip (really a "pot roast" sandwich) was ok. likewise lamb gyro (be forewarned, they use the loaf). pretzels were straight from the freezer case & not worth it. the jalapeno cheese fries, falafal wrap (tzatziki needs some work) & chicken/grape egg rolls (a bit heavy on cheese) were good. tater tots are an option with most things, and are still tasty after all these years. prices are a bit high for quality level; burgers should all be $1-2 lower & they could knock a buck off the other sandwiches as well.

    there's a smattering of local beers from a variety of vendors plus a few wider-ranging micros which all look like they'll rotate, then a few standards that look like they'll be fixtures. beer prices seem in line w/ (or maybe a tad higher than) other places along haywood. decent range of liquors, but no clue as yet on price. wines, per my wife, are vastly over-priced @ $7 a pop.

    thus far, i'd say for walkable west asheville it's a good option (sure as hell beats the food at the pub), but it's not a "destination".

    1. good beer selection, a bit unorganized right now which is suprising in that it is part of a chain from Atlanta, seems they would have opening new places down pat by now.

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        I went the other night and loved it! Great patio and outdoor covered seating, as well as indoor seating with open wall to outside.
        My service was excellent, our server actually checked on us frequently and was always pleasant. Loved the selection of beers-they have New Belgium brews, plus locals. Food is well executed bar food-although my husband just went and said he had the best burger he's had in Asheville. Will definitely make this our new casual night out spot.