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Sep 7, 2009 09:26 AM

Pork Push-Up Pop: Indubitably Nduja

Nduja, the name derived from the French andouille, is a Calabrian soft spreadable sausage made domestically in California by Boccalone from heritage pigs and is now available at Murray's Cheese. Similar to Majorcan sobrasada (the name of which may share a common derivation with soppressata) which is also only available domestically from California at Despana. I like to slice the casing open at one end and squeeze out the meat like an ice cream push-up. Eat it out of the casing, on crusty bread or on Carr's rosemary crackers, or throw a dab in to spice up your pasta dish. Maybe I could get a truck and sell them on the street. I'd call it Signore Softee. Or maybe I can convince the Van Leeuwen ice cream guys to offer it as a combo "Gianduja and Nduja". In a cone, of course.

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  1. Gutter, interesting reading. Nduja has become very vogueish this year in certain London Italian restaurants and delis but of course we're getting the real deal from Calabria :-) Quite versatile as you mention, I like to use it as a filling in a grilled panini along with some melting cheese. One detail you forget to mention, it's made from meat from the pig's head.

    Buon appetito!!

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      Always great to hear from you oonth! On this side of the pond, we have to make due with domestic (not to mention raw milk cheese that has to be aged at least 60 days thanks to the Fascist Dirty Arses known as the US FDA) although we finally have a steady supply of approved jamon iberico. I recently wrote about my quest to obtain real culatello di zibello elsewhere.

    2. Love when the NY Times eventually catches up with the times.