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Sep 7, 2009 09:02 AM

No Reservations NYC outer boroughs episode tonight

Saw in the Daily News yesterday that tonight's show is on the outer boroughs of NYC - looking forward to seeing it although from the article it would seem the research for it was done on CH (Kebab Café in Astoria, Xian place in the Golden Mall in Flushing, etc.).

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  1. Thanks for the reminder- it's been an atypical Monday, so I probably wouldn't have remembered without your post!

    1. Nice show, did a lot of talking about how the immigrant culture has moved to the boroughs and had some amazing Asian foods. The vegetarian temple was interesting, I'd been to one that served incredible food but didn't know this phenomenon was so ubiquitous.

      Going to Koreatown with David Chang was very cool. Hanging out with David Johansen was incredible, although he is looking old.

      Also, one thing that cracked me up, the show was using Google Earth to show the maps of where they are and then not two minutes later, they cut to commercial with Bourdain pushing

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      1. re: Phaedrus

        It was good. No Kebab Café despite the DN. I was very happy to see David Johansen as well (have been crazy about him since forever). The live-ish octopus part was a bit offputting (even though I am among the world's least squeamish, I have read a bit about octopus' apparent intelligence). Also a bit odd that the explanation of har gow was that they usually contained kiddin'!

        1. re: buttertart

          agreed. i was pretty bothered by the octopus part. killing anything slowly while you watch it suffer seems really unnecessary, especially something intelligent like an octopus.

          otherwise, great episode full of affordable fabulous food. makes me want to take a trip!

          1. re: artemis

            Very disturbing, I agree. No reason for it.

            1. re: sophie fox

              The reason was to validate the place's authenticity, pretty sight of not. AB was a bit over the top with his flippancy, but that's Bourdain, take him or leave him.

          2. re: buttertart

            To be fair, David has looked old for a realllllllly long time. He still has better abs than anyone I've ever known from age 16 to 60.


            Nobody messes with my DH, Bowie or Iggy, dangit! You can have Lou.

        2. That was a good one.

          Bourdain visited Kabab Cafe with Andrew Zimmern in season 3, episode 8.

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I was a bit bummed the Feeding Tree was not included as some publications had indicated. Overall, solid show; I had been to all of the places and thought they were a fairly good intro to the jewels of the boroughs. Just a scratch on the surface...

          2. This really was a very interesting show. The best of the season IMO. I wish AB would get his research done as well when he visits other cities. In the rust belt episode not one of the places from the Detroit segment was actually in Detroit.

            1. It was ok, but for me they showed too much Asian food. In Brooklyn for example, they should have concentrated on something eastern European (Jewish? Russian?Polish?)

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              1. re: polish_girl

                Been there, done that. Bourdain had Russian food in Brighton Beach in in season 3, episode 8, and in season 5, episode 8 ("Disappearing Manhattan") he went to Russ & Daughters, Katz's, and Sammy’s Roumanian ("missing" scene shown in countries with no / fewer commercials).