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Sep 7, 2009 07:04 AM

Eden Restaurant... .. bad service

I like to think I am fair and understanding as a diner. But the service I had at Eden Restaurant on Lake Promenade( ?) recently, really angered me.
Here's what happened:
We arrived at abut 6:30pm. It was busy but no line up ( as if often the case here). No one to greet us at the door. We wait patiently. After a few minutes a friendly server seats us. Fine.

We ordered drinks right away. Our wine and soda pop order takes 15 minutes to arrive. They forget my son's soft drink. I have to ask twice.
Our food order is and salads. The server informs us that pizzas take 25 minutes.
WHAT? How ridiculous is that? But we agree to wait.
After 30 minutes I ask the server to check on our order. He tells us again that our pizzas take 25 minutes but Itell him it has been 30 -35 minutes now. He replies"well we are very busy as you can see".
Grrr! I am not happy.
Why offer pizza on your menu if you can serve it within a decent time frame?I can go to a dozen pizza places and pizza much quicker than that!

All the tables around us are getting similar service. My friend who lives in the condos nearby points out the manager to me. She serves with no smiles or chitchat. She delivered our wine without a word. This is the manager!
I was appalled!
The pizzas came. after 40 minutes. They were ok. Salads are ok too. After dinner, the server tells us what gelato they DON'T have and what they used to sell. Also that the mint gelato is supposed to have chocolate chips but someone forgot to put them in!

I have been to Eden 2x. before for lunch. Service was slow then but not too bad.
After that dinner experience I will not go back. How can they get away with that service? The place caters to the condo dwellers who like to walk there, with not much choice in that neighbourhood. Since the food is passable, they put up with the bad service. Why? They shouldn't ! Because it is close to home, nice view of the lake. Eden knows they can get away with this poor service . It is almost always busy.
It is just not right!

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  1. They were slammed! The place was full but they were inadequately staffed and on the defensive. There were lots of red flags. Why not cut your losses and leave as soon as possible?

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    1. re: jayt90

      i've been to Eden a few times ..... pretty happy overall with the food and service

      the great view helps a lot

      i hope it's an isolated incident ...... they were very very slammed this week with the airshow crowds coming in from the sticks

      1. re: ssainani

        Slammed or not it was no reason for the attitude..... which was miserable. This was weeks before the airshow, btw. It was busy , but plenty of staff on the floor,. My guess is the kitchen was poorly staffed.
        An apology would have helped. Too much to expect something complimentary !

    2. When I'm forced to endure places that seem to not care if service is inadequate or food is substandard, regardless of who's fault it is, (it's never the customers's fault) I make sure that in lieu of a generous gratuity, I impart valuable commentary to the manger. (not the wait staff since they are the resposibility of the manager) I calmly and respectuflly explain why I did not like the service/food/attitudes. If they get my hard-earned money under unsatisfactory conditions, they also get my opinion along with it.

      1. I've been there a ton, and I really think all things being equal - great view, mediocre food - that it depends on the server: some are really friendly and some are definitely not.