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Sep 7, 2009 04:56 AM

Ants in my pants -- or at least in my pantry

Maybe it's the string of damp weather, but I've got an invasion of tiny ants in the cabinet over my kitchen counter. Yep, it's got spices, bottle sauces, like Worchestershire, coffee & other food stuffs. I've tried those little black ant traps without much success. Short of going to my local SPCA & adopting an aarvark, what else can I do?

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  1. i have found terro liquid ant bait traps to be far better than the things you get at the grocery store. I buy them at the hardware store

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    1. re: DGresh

      Seconded! I find them at Target.

      1. re: Mer_Made

        Thirded. I can get Terro at my local Walgreen's drugstore. It's important to keep checking the baits and put down new ones once the intruders have used up the stuff inside and replaced it with tiny corpses.

        1. re: Caitlin McGrath

          Fourthed. They have worked well the couple of occasions I saw the little buggers marching around my kitchen. And you're not spraying chemicals all over the place!

          As mentioned downthread, it takes a couple of weeks to work, but work it does.

          1. re: coney with everything

            Fifthed. Terro liquid is miraculous when it comes to any kind of ant infestations.

            1. re: Flaxen_Vixen

              Sixthed. I get it by the bottle at Lowe's. The last time I saw some, I put a dot of it on a piece of cardboard by my garbage (wouldn't want to put it in my cabinet because they 'swarm" for a couple of days). Then if there's no rain in the forecast for a few days, I'll go out in my yard below the kitchen window that they're getting in and put down a few plops. Used to get them a few times a year. Now it's been at least 3 years.

    2. I had the same problem until I got this stuff called Maxforce. Buy it anywhere you want the link is just to show you the product. I had to learn to be generous with the application but you'll get plenty with that package. I fought those little devils for 2 years before I finally won.

      1. I hate ants. I had the little ones in my dishwasher at previous house, they'd show up at least once a year. We did the ant traps - but a LOT of them. It took over a week for them to decrease and finally disappear.
        I also used cayenne pepper dusted on the windowsill (we saw them coming in there). Strangely enough, cucumber peelings also repel them. I left a bunch in my sink (where the ants were also congregating) and the ants disappeared. When I took the peelings out, they came back. Read about that one on-line, but is is only a short-term solution, unless you use cucumbers daily.

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        1. re: elfcook

          Do the cucumber peelings or cayenne kill the ants or just keep them away? I just came back from staying at a cabin in the woods at a Buddhist center where you're not allowed to kill anything. There was a huge ant problem in the cabin. OMG! I was going crazy trying to do the dishes there. As soon as I would displace the ants from the sink, more would come crawling in. If the peelings or cayenne just repel the ants, that would be a great solution for that place.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            they just repel the ants - supposedly they will not go over cayenne (also heard that about cinnamon, but not sure). I do not know why they do not like cucumber peels, but they sure stayed away from them.

            1. re: elfcook

              Thank you for your response! I'll let them know about this tidbit.

        2. Somewhere, someone told me that sprinkling sugar substitute (such as Splenda) on the ants path would kill them. They think it's sugar and ingest. Then they go away and die....I have tried this on the rare occasions when ants appear in my kitchen and I do thinks it works like a charm.

          1. Attack the ants from the outside as well...Spray along the outside walls...especially the walls nearest your kitchen...Let that be your first line of defense!